A Murder of Innocence

DVD Release: June 18, 2019
A Murder of Innocence


Based on a true story, a community is rocked by a double-homicide. The new resident pastor must help his church family overcome the aftershocks by providing stability, healing and hope.

Dove Review

A Murder of Innocence tells a true story of a mysterious double homicide that shakes a small town in Washington to its core. Pastor Albert Anderson, his wife Aimee, and their family find themselves in the middle of the chaos, faced with the choice to either trust in God or give in to their crippling fear. This choice is not an easy one to make, especially when the killer is unknown and still on the loose. Neighbors become suspicious of neighbors, doors are locked, and shades are drawn as the town waits for the law to catch up with the murderer.

The Anderson family refuses to participate in the finger-pointing and suspicion, instead finding comfort in God’s word and in each other. Even though Albert and Aimee are struggling with their own deep-seated fears, they still manage to encourage their community to seek the Lord and trust that He will protect them. Near the end of the film, Aimee is on the brink of despair when she experiences God’s presence in a new way. She realizes that she has let fear dominate her life for a long time and allows herself to be flooded with God’s peace.

A Murder of Innocence is approved for ages 12+, but be prepared for a few scenes of the murdered victims about a half-hour into the film.

The Dove Take:

A Murder of Innocence does an admirable job of telling the true story of the Anderson family who choose to trust God rather than give in to a very present fear.

Content Description

Faith: The Anderson family chooses faith in God over the gripping fear they are faced with and encourage their community to do the same.
Integrity: Choosing to trust in God rather than be afraid doesn’t come easy to the Anderson family. They struggle with it, pray, and seek the Lord’s protection and grace. Throughout the film, they never cease to treat those around them with kindness and respect.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Brief scenes of the deceased victims and their fatal wounds; a flashback scene to when the victims are killed. Though it is not shown explicitly, we watch as the murderer shoots his second victim.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: A mentally deranged woman has a crazed fit and is taken to the hospital; some scary scenes where the Andersons think someone is in their house.


Company: Justice Pictures
Director: Shawn Justice
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: TV-PG
Starring: Rachel MacMillan (Aimee Anderson), Frank Chiesurin (Albert Anderson), Xander Steel (Sheriff Kirk Tomlin), Dan Russell (Chris Rodgers), Marc Steele (Flint Reese), Brenda McGinnis (Francine Reese), Rich Peterson (Luke Reese), Katie O'Grady (Faye Crane), Jeremy McLaughlin (Edward Chaney)
Reviewer: Sam K.