Gone Fishin

Theatrical Release: June 3, 1997
DVD Release: June 3, 1997
Gone Fishin


Holy Mackeral! Danny Glover and Joe Pesci are perfectly “cast” as Gus and Joe, two lifelong pals who fall hook, line and sinker into “deep” trouble with hilarious consequences when their eagerly-awaited plans for a fishing trip “flounder.” Inadvertently following the same trail as a dangerous escaped criminal, the hapless duo’s wild weekend is further complicated when they meet up with two beautiful undercover detectives who use them in their efforts to “reel” in the killer. When the dust finally settles, the boys return home to a splashy hero’s welcome from everyone but their wives–and with lots of stories about the one that got away. There are plenty of laughs and physical comedy in this fishy tale from director Christopher Cain (“Young Guns”).

Dove Review

Two life-long and most unlucky friends go to the Everglades on vacation. Alas, everything goes awry after a thief steals their car. A complete waste of the stars’ talent as the film seems made up of rejected scenes from other buddy movies. A lot of dialogue was crammed into an hour and 35 minutes. None of it amusing. Disjointed and devoid of humor. What a shame. Finally a “clean” film, but not worth wasting good popcorn on. The final insult for this reviewer-it was not screened for the press. I had to spend my money for a matinee ticket!

Content Description

I caught no objectionable material; I assume the film receives it’s rating for the perils our heroes find themselves in; the guys have wine with dinner.


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Genre: Comedy
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright