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Unfailing Love

Inspired by the Bible’s Book of Hosea and directed and produced by Jewell Powell, Unfailing Love tells of the life of a young man dealing with a wife who is unfaithful to him, and a young woman struggling to find faith in God and hoping she can find everlasting love.

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The story of unfailing love taken from the book of Hosea, is placed in a modern setting in this movie, with a young man named Hosea (Tremayne Blair), falling in love with the beautiful Arianna (Kelsey Delamar). Hosea has known from a young age that the Lord would confirm to him whom he should marry. During the opening moments of the movie, he hears God speak to him, “No” when he becomes interested in a few women, especially one named “Sonya” (Milani Jade), but instead God says “Yes” when he comes across Arianna, who is a prostitute. In the Old Testament God instructs Hosea to unconditionally love Gomer, despite her unfaithfulness and adultery. The story is much the same in this film. It should be noted that at times the pastor at his church has Hosea speak to the body of believers, and he is hard on them, claiming they have turned their backs on the Lord and have gone their own way. Keep in mind this is symbolic of the Lord dealing with his people, the Hebrews, back when the book of Hosea was written. But there’s no doubt about it, the modern Hosea lays it on hard with the church and their need for repentance.

Some good lines in this movie make one reflect on one’s own walk with the Lord. In one scene Hosea tells Arianna that he will no longer dim his light so that she can feel secure in her darkness.

A pimp named Donovan (Derrell Qualls) acts as if he cares about Arianna but he only wants the income she can bring him through her prostitution. Derrell does a good job in coming across as the hardened pimp who just wants what he can get from Arianna. On the other hand, Hosea promises her unfailing love and loyalty and, after marrying her, continues to keep his vows.

Cameron Arnett plays an older and sickly Hosea, who reflects back on his life. He makes an interesting comment when he, as the narrator, says, “It’s not until the end of your life, “that you begin to question if you fulfilled the purpose of your life.” Hosea 1:2 tells of the word of the Lord to Hosea, when it says, “Go, take yourself a wife of prostitution and have children of (her) prostitution; for the land commits great acts of prostitution by not following the Lord.” (Amplified Bible).

We see this demonstrated in the modern story as a man is seen giving a woman cash and then goes upstairs with her. Likewise, Arianna continues in this lifestyle even after she marries Hosea. She told him she wanted unconditional love, that her mother had divorced her father, and that her parents were always on her about how she dressed, and the music she listened to as well as the friends she hung out with. Hosea will be betrayed by Arianna over and over as she continues to prostitute herself out to men, and to have children from men other than her husband.

There are a lot of things to think about and discuss with family members. Hosea’s life is not easy in remaining loyal to his vows to give his wife unconditional love, as she leaves him over and over to have carnal relationships with other men. Yet he promised her unconditional love and he continues to exemplify this in keeping his promise to her. Keeping promises when it becomes difficult is a good discussion topic. Also, the importance of love and accepting others as they are but helping them to grow spiritually.  The importance of pointing out to others when they are going astray from God is another theme of the movie.

Loving wives as Christ loved the church is strongly personified in the character of Hosea. And going against the grain and following one’s belief in God’s direction is also featured as essential in one’s life. As James says in the book that bears his name, being doers of the word and not just listeners is a must and is mentioned in the film. The gospel will not always be popular as several parishioners walk out when Hosea preaches hard.

This film does feature a few scenes of parties with drinking, a few sexually suggestive scenes, but it also starkly shows Hosea’s love for his wife, and unconditional love and forgiveness, which God has for all people. It has earned our Dove seal for Ages 12+. Parents should consult our content listing to make their own informed decisions.

THE DOVE TAKE: This modern telling of the story of Hosea reminds the viewer of an eternal truth, that God’s love is an unfailing one.

Dove Rating Details


Strong examples of faith including church scenes with preaching; scriptures are quoted; people show forgiveness and exalt God’s unconditional love.


A character continues to keep his promise to his wife to be faithful, despite her adultery; certain people remain in the church despite hearing a few scathing sermons; a woman encourages Arianna to return to her husband, and returns herself to the church.


It is obvious prostitution is going on with, for example, one man going upstairs to have sex with a prostitute, but nothing graphic is shown; a couple shares a kiss a few times onscreen.


OMG; a man derides a man, calling him “Church Boy” a few times; the word “whore” is used a few times; a man refers to children as “stupid little kids.”


A man pokes his finger on a woman a few times in anger; a man punches another man.


Prescription bottles are seen near a sick elderly man; people are seen drinking; possible drug use is hinted.


Cleavage in a few scenes; a woman’s bare midriff is seen.


Prostitution is going on and there is tension and disagreements between characters; when things get really bad, a character struggles with his faith, but he continues to be faithful; several tattoos seen on a man’s arm.

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