Delivering Milo

Delivering Milo


A guardian angel has 24 hours to convince a soul that life on Earth is worth the effort.

Dove Review

Delivering Milo creates a unique twist with a kid-friendly take on the Christian speculation of “Where are babies’ souls before they’re born?” Milo (Anton Yelchin) isn’t ready to be born, so God (though never physically present) sends Elmore (Albert Finney), a roughed-up gambler, back to Earth to redeem his past mistakes and convince Milo that being born offers a great adventure.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Bridget Fonda) is ready to have baby Milo, but until Milo accepts the blessing of life, Elizabeth continues to have false-alarm labors and wonder if she will be a good parent or scarred by her father who abandoned her years ago.

Delivering Milo plays heavy themes of loyalty to family and having faith in God’s plan, but some language, sexual innuendos and the presentation of a halfway point to heaven, where bad guys get a re-do, are too inappropriate and misleading for audiences under 12.

The Dove Take:

When babies aren’t ready to be born, perhaps God sends out-of-the-box guardian angels to show them that life is a gift; however, a few of these misleading, biblically-unbacked ideas are only Dove-approved for Ages 12+.

Content Description

Faith: The plot acknowledges God as the Creator and Guide for all life.
Integrity: Heavy themes of loyalty, faith, forgiveness and restoration
Sex: Elmore shares a sketchy scene with a woman in the back of a limo. The two go on to rent a hotel room.
Language: “Oh my g**”; “Screw you”; B****; S***-2; A**-2; D***-2; H***-3; mild sexual talk/cat-calls.
Violence: None
Drugs: Elmore and his lady friends get drunk and act inappropriately.
Nudity: While in the hotel room, Elmore’s ex-girlfriend is seen in a bathtub, completely covered in bubbles. Ex-girlfriend wears short skirts and low-cut tops.
Other: None


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Nick Castle
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 94 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Peyton G.