Arctic Dogs

Theatrical Release: November 1, 2019
Arctic Dogs


The Dove Take:

This snowy adventure encourages confidence, community, and loyalty for all ages, reminding everyone that selflessness means more than fancy titles.

Dove Review

The Synopsis:

Swifty the Arctic fox (Jeremy Renner) works in the mailroom of the Arctic Blast Delivery Service, but he has much bigger dreams. He yearns to become one of the Top Dogs, the Arctic’s star husky couriers. To prove he can do it, he commandeers one of the sleds and delivers a mysterious package to a secret location.

The Review:

Swifty the Arctic fox was raised to blend in: “Out of sight, you’re all right.” But Swifty doesn’t want to blend in; he wants to earn a spot as a Top Dog sledder.

The Top Dogs team delivers important packages with food and medical supplies to Swifty’s remote Arctic village, but when the Top Dog team is stolen by an evil, power-hungry walrus threatening to melt away their village, Swifty earns the chance to be the ultimate Top Dog.

Thanks to his loyal friends and determination, Swifty learns that landing a dream job isn’t what life is about, that big titles only count when there’s a true heart behind the big mission. Friends, family, and faith in others matters most.

Unfortunately, a mild cartoon party scene loosely alludes to adult content, such as alcohol abuse, but the aftermath creates important conversation about honesty and responsibility. However, Arctic Dogs offers themes of resilience, friendship, girl power, and loyalty, paralleling concepts and plot lines with the 1995 Arctic tale, Balto. Community and trust win in the end, earning this snowy, funny adventure Dove-approval for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: A few cartoon roughhousing scenes, mild snowball fight scene
Sex: Swifty and his girlfriend kiss.
Language: “Screw up”
Violence: A few cartoon roughhousing scenes, mild snowball fight scene
Drugs: Loose reference to drunkenness at a party
Nudity: One character jokes about “streaking”. Swifty has to take off his clothes, but keeps on underwear, to blend into the snow and save the village.
Other: Mentions animals as evolved; mild potty humor and wedgies; two characters wear Illuminati sweaters


Company: Entertainment Studios
Director: Aaron Woodley
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 92 min.
Reviewer: Peyton G.