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Home Sweet Home

Flirtatious barista Victoria (Natasha Bure) is bored with her social butterfly lifestyle and longs for real love. When handsome Jason (Ben Elliott) walks into her coffee shop, she turns on the charm. But he doesn’t respond to her flirting like men usually do. When she discovers that he runs a ministry that builds affordable housing for families in need, she decides to volunteer. So what if it’s faith-based organization? As far as she’s concerned, pretending to be a “church person” isn’t any different than pretending to like sports or a guy’s friends if it gets her what she wants.
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Charming, beautiful, and flirtatious, Victoria is used to getting whatever guy she wants – that is, until Jason, a handsome project manager for a local ministry, is less than impressed by her usual tactics. In an effort to win his affections, Victoria joins Jason’s home-building ministry as a volunteer, not realizing it is a Christian organization. Now Victoria finds herself in completely foreign territory, surrounded by authentic believers and a focus on service which forces her to see outside her own box. Will she win the guy, or lose herself? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Home Sweet Home is a fantastic faith-based film that effortlessly examines some important topics utilizing an unexpected genre. Is it a faith-based romance film? Yes. But does it have a great message and exceptional production value? Absolutely.

In its “pretending to be someone else to get the guy”, “Christian Mingle” fashion, Home Sweet Home skillfully examines the subject of authenticity. Victoria, who by her own admission only engages in vain and superficial relationships, changes who she is in order to win the affections of Jason. However, in the process, she realizes who she was to begin with was hollow anyway.

Surrounded by her new friends and faithful community, Victoria isn’t just “faking it ’till you make it” anymore – she’s actually changing; I can’t help but remember Proverbs 31:10 while watching her story unfold. This theme of authenticity flows throughout the film and finds its way into the subplots of additional characters, expanding beyond just Victoria’s journey. Like with Megan, the shy volunteer in love with her best friend, or Jason himself, sticking true to his faith even when old flames burn again.

Home Sweet Home tells the story of these characters as they build a home for a needy family, but it also tells the story of building a life of authentic faith upon the firm foundation (the Word of God). This reviewer thoroughly enjoyed this clean, faith-based romance, and the thoughtful topics it presented. It’s not every day you find a romance film with a message!

We are pleased to award Home Sweet Home the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Home Sweet Home is the kind of faith-based romance all other romances should aspire to be: clean, heartwarming, thoughtful, and faith-centric.

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Several characters are openly and devoutly Christian; a woman explores the Christian faith and becomes saved; scriptures are referenced throughout the film.




A man and woman kiss.






Champagne is consumed in one scene.




A woman uses her looks and charm to pursue men but later changes her behavior.

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