I Still Believe

Theatrical Release: March 13, 2020
I Still Believe


As Christian music artist Jeremy Camp begins his rise to stardom, he discovers love and has his faith in God tested through tragedy.

Dove Review

Before Jeremy Camp scored chart-topping hits on Christian radio, he attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, Calif. In the film-version of his life, Jeremy (K.J. Apa) sneaks backstage prior to a concert by his favorite band, The Kry, to meet the lead singer, Jean-Luc La Joie (Nathan Parsons). Learning of Jeremy’s passion for music, Jean-Luc allows him to switch out his guitar during the concert. It is during that concert that Jeremy first meets Melissa Henning (Britt Robertson).

Soon, the two become inseparable as Melissa wrestles with expressing her love for Jeremy to avoid hurting her relationship with Jean-Luc—who develops feelings for her. Just as Jeremy’s music career begins to take off, his world starts to crumble when Melissa is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Faced with the difficult decision to continue his college education or support Melissa through her battle, Jeremy choses to not only stand by her side but to marry her.

During Melissa’s battle with cancer, Jeremy witnesses her unwavering faith in God despite her difficult circumstances. Melissa feels her bout with cancer will be worth it if only one person’s life is changed for the better, and she continues to worship God throughout her battle. Jeremy’s faith is strengthened because of Melissa. He believes she will be healed by God and writes songs that reflect his emotional state during her illness. When Melissa loses her battle, Jeremy questions God but his faith is restored after reading Melissa’s journal and penning the words to the song, “I Still Believe”.

This biographical drama is an emotional story about finding love, never giving up hope, and no matter the outcome still believing in God. It will inspire audiences of all ages, but may be difficult for younger viewers to understand as it deals with the loss of life. For these reasons, the film earns our Dove-approved for Ages 12+ award.

The Dove Take:

While this biopic portrays hope in God despite devastating circumstances, its depiction of loss may be difficult for younger viewers, making it better suited for audiences 12 and older.

Content Description

Faith: Melissa never wavers in her faith in God even when she discovers she’s dying from cancer. Jeremy asks concertgoers to pray for Melissa’s healing. Jeremy believes God will heal Melissa and writes songs about trust in Him.
Violence: Melissa breaks a glass jar in frustration.
Sex: Jeremy and Melissa hold hands, cuddle and kiss while dating and after getting married. We see the married couple lying in bed together fully-clothed.
Language: None
Violence: Melissa breaks a glass jar in frustration.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Jeremy lies to gain backstage access to a concert. Melissa dies of cancer.


Company: Lionsgate
Director: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
Producer: Kevin Downes
Genre: Biography
Reviewer: Karen W.