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Dear Santa (2011)

Crystal, a rich partygoer, finds a little girl's letter to Santa in the street, which asks for a new mother. Crystal decides to get to know the girl and her father.

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The wind suddenly gusts and a letter goes flying out of the postman’s bag … Crystal rescues it but it’s too late … he is gone. She stuffs it in her pocket as she continues her high-end shopping spree. Skype from Mom: Rich girl Crystal’s mom is getting a little annoyed with her 30-year-old daughter, who runs up the credit cards and still has “nothing” to do, so bluntly announces, “Your father and I have decided to cut you off …” Crystal is shocked! OK, she’s on it, she will find a job, and her mom adds, “… and a good man …” Mom says she has until Christmas to sort it out …

Crystal remembers the letter addressed to “Santa Claus North Pole.” She opens it and discovers a little girl’s wish – a new wife for dad. It’s been two years since little Olivia’s mom died and if Santa could send someone as nice and pretty, dad would smile and they could have a real Christmas again. What are the chances of finding such a letter on the very day she is supposed to change her life?

Crystal drives to the return address on the letter and follows Derek only to discovers he runs a soup kitchen, with which she has absolutely no experience! Mistaken for a volunteer, she quickly gets drawn into the value of the community service he is providing and begins to develop a bond with Derek’s guests, the homeless … She forms a friendship with Frank, who confesses he gambled away “every [GD] penny” and it changed his life forever. As he turns to walk away…Crystal runs after him, takes off her expensive scarf and puts it around his neck. But sadly the homeless shelter will be closing its doors. The bank is demanding $10,000 in overdue rent, and the NOTICE OF EVICTION makes it clear, there will be no Christmas dinner.

Crystal is falling for Derek and in a close relationship with Olivia, but it will take more than that to make her dreams come true. And, to add to her predicament, Mom announces one more monetary gift “because it’s Christmas” and then she’s on her own! When Crystal’s scheme surfaces, and Derek discovers she is using his little girl to get to him, he tells Olivia they will not be seeing Crystal again … she is not the person they thought she was. Olivia is heartbroken. Derek is shocked when Chef Pete excitedly announces someone settled with the bank and they are back in business!

When Derek arrives home, Olivia is nowhere! He rushes out and finds her … safe with Crystal … and suddenly the entire situation becomes ”crystal” clear!

A good script, well-written, and well-cast, emphasizing the importance of being kind, generous, and empathetic.

Dove Rating Details


Christian Christmas theme; a little girl puts her faith in Santa to fulfill her wish for a mom.




Just gentle kissing and hugging.


Homeless man sadly confesses to “gambling away every last [GD] penny..” and losing everything important to him; man calls woman a "two-faced hyena."




Casual wine drinking, no abuse; cocktails consumed by Derek at a high-end clothing store; wine at dinner; man has a beer after a stressful day.


None, but woman wears an expensive strapless dress, no cleavage.


Woman connives to use a child’s wish for a mom as an opportunity for her own benefit but does make the little girl’s wish come true, and simultaneously brings comfort to the homeless.

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