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Sky Dog

Colt Lifestone is a typical high school senior who is working on becoming a pilot. His life is changed after a CIA operation goes wrong and his mom, who is an undercover agent, goes missing. He is taken to a safe house and placed under the watch of another agent for immediate protection. While under their watch, Colt covertly works on putting the pieces together to find his mother. Though he was not previously aware that his parents were undercover CIA agents, Colt must now face the reality that his life will never be the same. During his time at the safe house, he becomes friends with a girl from school named Alice Jones, who he attempts to recruit in his quest to find his mother. Skydog is a family film that stars Daniel Knudsen (Christmas Coupon), Vickie Lynn Smith (Courageous Love) and Superman actor, Dean Cain (Lois & Clark).
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This remarkable movie features some peppy music, a suspenseful plot and the ever-likeable Dean Cain as an intelligence director, so what’s not to like? Daniel Knudsen stars along with Cain and he plays a young man named Josh who dreams of flying. However, his seemingly normal life is about to be turned upside down when his mother is kidnapped and leaves him a message on his cell phone: “Stingr”, short for Stingray, a game that Josh has played which features a corrupt undercover agent.

What has happened to his mother and just what was she involved in?

Soon, Josh’s goal of obtaining his pilot’s license is overshadowed by shocking revelations. He learns that his mother was a C.I.A. agent, struggling to capture a bomb before it is detonated by foreign agents. He also learns the real name of his father, who died in service of his country, and Josh learns that his own name isn’t real, but is actually Colt Lifestone.

Without plot-spoiling, this suspenseful movie builds to an energetic climax, with Colt trying to learn who the corrupt agent or agents are, and on finding clues to rescue his mother, as well as to stop the foreign agents from detonating the bomb. In the meantime, he still attempts to live a normal life by going to prom, falling for a girl, playing video games, and hanging out with a good friend.

The movie features some dramatic scenes, which most viewers will identify with, such as Cole remembering attending his father’s graveside ceremony, and the emotions he feels when he looks at a photo of his father, who was much more of a hero than he ever realized. The addition of Dean Cain as C.I.A. Director Neil Glasswell is a welcomed part of the movie, as he is seen during the most dramatic scenes, attempting to give orders to save Colt’s mom and to make sure the bomb is recovered.

The characters are memorable in this film, including the agents that Colt lives with while waiting for his mom’s rescue. The Porters are mysterious people who say they doubt that a corrupt agent is involved in the C.I.A.’s operation, and soon, Colt has to wonder what side of the fence they are on. Are they trustworthy? How will the rest of the story end? Will his mother be rescued? Will his father be honored for his service, as is the hope of Director Glasswell? Will the bomb be secured before it is detonated? Will Colt wind up with the girl he likes? Rest assured all the answers are given by film’s end.

The film is fairly wholesome, with a few shootings, and a young woman using four sleeping pills on a bad guy. The movie is geared more toward an audience of ages 12+, as it features the romance too. Although parents should consult the content listing, we are awarding it our Ages 12+ Dove seal.

The Dove Take:

When teenage Colt discovers that his mom is actually a CIA agent, his senior year takes off on a flight like no other.

Dove Rating Details


A strong faith message which includes the mention of God’s love through Christ and through music.


A few scenes of shooting which are not bloody or graphic; a man holds a gun on a woman.


A young man likes a girl at his high school




A few scenes of shooting which are not bloody or graphic; a man holds a gun on a woman.


A high school girl gives a corrupt agent 4 sleeping pills and he is put to sleep.




Death and grief; the tension of good agents seeking out the bad guys; a few misunderstandings between characters; a girl lies about being sick.

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