Cubekins, Invasion of the Cubecumbers

DVD Release: November 24, 2020


When Kip applies too much fertilizer to his father’s crop of cubecumbers, he and his family scramble to put the abundant crop to good use and learn some critical lessons in the process.

Dove Review

When Dad asks Kip to help him grow “cubecumbers” Kip is thrilled with the opportunity. He recruits his best friend, Finn, to help him plant the cubecumbers. Finn is a stickler for the rules, while Kip doesn’t always see the value of following instructions, so the boys begin fighting over a bag of extra strong fertilizer and it explodes, they find themselves in an overwhelming predicament.

Cubekins is simply entertaining—it doesn’t add unnecessary clutter on the screen, the characters don’t ramble or add pieces to the story that don’t contribute to the main plot, and the themes are basic and easy to understand. The animation is clean and well organized. The plot itself is fun and teaches the importance of honesty in a silly way: while overgrowing cubecumbers is a bit ridiculous, it makes it clear that rules and instructions are there for a reason. Cubekins also depicts prayer and church services to emphasize integrity and morals as well as the ways that the Lord can intervene in even the most unfortunate situations.

Cubekins is an excellent show. The characters are well developed in such a short time and the voice actors did a great job portraying their character. The story is very easy to follow. ​Overall, Cubekins is a great kids show—children will be entertained while learning morals from a Christian perspective. Parents need not worry about negativity or inappropriate themes. When looking for a wholesome way to teach and occupy their children, parents can trust Cubekins to fulfill those needs.

Cubekins is Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Cubekins is a fun children’s show that emphasizes the importance of following directions, honesty, and faith.

Content Description

Faith: Prayer is a consistent theme throughout the first episode; one scene takes place in church where viewers hear a sermon
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Brainy Pixel Productions, LLC
Genre: Children
Runtime: 22 min.
Starring: Kip Cubekin: Sampley Barinaga, Kara Cubekin: Brittany J. Smith, Finn Straightlace: Harrison Stone, Ed "Dad Cubekin": Noah Lombard, Jan "Mom" Cubekin & Pris Pearson: Avery Patz, Pastor Ian: JD Thorne, Archie Cubekin: Brannon Hollingsworth
Reviewer: Nicole G.