Blue Miracle

Theatrical Release: May 27, 2021
DVD Release: May 27, 2021
Blue Miracle


Facing foreclosure on his home for orphaned boys, Omar must confront his own fears to win a Mexican fishing tournament, with help from a disgraced former tournament champion.

Dove Review

Omar and his wife do the best they can to feed, educate, and shelter dozens of boys in Mexico at Casa Hogar. After Hurricane Odile hits, the orphanage is rocked by damage, and Omar lacks the means to continue providing for the kids or pay off the $117,000 debt. But the Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament has a special exception, Bisbee Cabo Charter Hook-up, to inject financial wellbeing back into the community: local boat captains can enter for free. So, Omar and his boys team up with a former Bisbee champion, Wade, with a deal to split the proceeds.

Funny, exciting, and drama-filled, the film serves up a healthy portion of Dennis Quaid’s Captain Wade, but the stars of the film are the strong personalities of the orphans. They are smart, scrappy, and full of zingers that drive much of the film’s comedy, and provide quite a bit of its heart. Of course, Jimmy Gonzalez’s Omar provides the baseline: he’s calm, steady, and faithful.

While the film builds to the excitement on the water (can they catch one of the prized blue marlin?), the faith-based element that Gonzalez’s Omar provides stands out in a film that Netflix will release broadly. Yes, Omar has to make choices about jobs that would be inappropriate or illegal, or whether to cheat or not, but he’s clearly a man of faith. His compass points toward what he’s supposed to do as a follower of Jesus, and what it means for him to set an example for his boys in terms of how they should behave and what they should believe.

The Dove Take

Blue Miracle plays out like a Disney movie based on real-life experiences, with the bonus of Christian faith and the power of prayer. This film is approved for fans of all ages.

Content Description

Faith: Omar teaches boys to pray;
Violence: Gang members fire guns in background; boys push each other overboard.
Sex: None
Language: Oh my God, oh God.
Violence: Gang members fire guns in background; boys push each other overboard.
Drugs: Adults drink alcohol; drug dealer offers Omar a job running drugs.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Netflix
Writer: Chris Dowling; Julio Quintana
Director: Julio Quintana
Producer: Javier Chapa; Michael Chapa; David Moorman
Genre: Family
Runtime: 95 min.
Industry Rating: TV-PG
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Jimmy Gonzalez; Raymond Cruz; Bruce McGill
Reviewer: Jacob S.