Pitch Black

Theatrical Release: February 18, 2000
Pitch Black


A spacecraft carrying civilians crashes on a planet solely inhabited by deadly creatures. Luckily, the creatures only move around in the dark, and the planet has three suns, and, therefore, no nightfall. The survivors should be safe as long as they stick to the light and don’t go exploring in any dark places. But wouldn’t you know, suddenly, there’s a total eclipse.
The group, including a convicted murderer (Vin Diesel), has to pull together and travel through the darkness with whatever light they can find to fight off the creatures while making their way to an abandoned spaceship. Most of them don’t make it, accounting for lots of blood, violence, and bodies.

Dove Review

The language is filthy, with one coarse word used more times than I could count. Much of the rest of the dialogue consisted of various obscenities and expletives, including extremely foul language from the mouths of children. There is a positive portrayal of a Muslim. This character prays for others and has a strong faith in God, and he is one of the few to survive. But, Heaven forbid, there should be a Christian on board.

Content Description

3 G-Ds, 3 Christs, 1 oh my god, 30 F-words, 30 S-words, 20 expletives, 1 slang term some objectionable language comes from children; lots of gory, bloody violence; alcohol is the only liquid available for the characters to drink; one character smokes a cigar.


Company: USA Films
Writer: Jim and Ken Wheat and David Twohy
Director: David Twohy
Producer: Tom Engelman
Genre: Science-Fiction
Runtime: 107 min.
Industry Rating: R
Starring: Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, and Keith David
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright