Theatrical Release: February 18, 2000


Kirk Douglas stars as Harry, a one-time prizefighter who embarks on a life-changing journey with his son Lance (Dan Aykroyd) and teenage grandson Michael (Corbin Allred). Feisty at 80 despite a recent stroke, Harry is faced with the prospect of being sent to a retirement home. He convinces his son and grandson to join him in search for thirteen long-lost diamonds.
Along the way, the three generations of men meet up with pit bosses, gangsters and an intriguing madam named Sin-Dee (Lauren Bacall). In the end, Harry and family discover that nothing is more priceless than the time they’ve shared together.

Dove Review

Kirk Douglas personally fought for the MPAA Ratings Board to give this film a PG-13 after it had initially been rated R. But it still contains three profanities and the dialogue is peppered with many obscenities; there aresexual conversations and situations as the old man takes his son and grandson to a brothel; the teenager shows disrespect for his father; the teen suggests you are a total loser if you haven’t used drugs; there’s gambling, teen smoking, and yet again, a dysfunctional family is portrayed. Great cast, but after reading the content, is this something you want to expose yourself to in the name of entertainment?

Content Description

6 G--d---'s, 4 Jesus, 6 Christ, 1 Oh my god!, 2 F-word, 3 S-word, 15 expletives; several slang terminologies for sex; Sex – implied in a brothel where all three men engage in sexual situations; Scantily clad performers in casino and prostitutes, a painting of a naked woman; Several characters smoke, a teen tries to smoke; A mugger fights with the leads, where one is injured with a knife; a gun is aimed at a bad guy; Beer drinking by the leads, Harry gets drunk, drinks in a casino, Harry leads prostitutes upstairs while carrying several bottle of champagne; Harry’s son smokes pot with a prostitute.


Company: Miramax Pictures
Director: John Asher
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Dan Ackroyd, Corbin Allred, Jenny McCarthy.
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright