Mission To Mars

Theatrical Release: March 10, 2000
Mission To Mars


The year is 2020 and NASA has successfully landed a team of astronauts on Mars. However, shortly after their arrival on the Martian surface, mission commander Luke Graham (Don Cheadle) and his colleagues encounter something bizarre that brings about a mysterious disaster, which decimates the crew. Graham is able to send one hasty cryptic message back to Earth before his nightmare begins.
NASA hurriedly prepares and launches a rescue mission to investigate the tragedy and bring back survivors – if any. Co-piloted by Commander Woody Blake (Tim Robbins) and Jim McConnell (Gary Sinise), a crew of astronauts sets out on a heroic sixth-month journey to Mars. Overcoming insurmountable dangers, the daring crew discovers life on Mars, and a possible explanation for creation on earth.

Dove Review

I found this to be a well-written, well-acted sci/fi action movie. It is not a film about gruesome, anti-friendly aliens chewing up unsuspecting space travelers. Indeed, there are no hostile beings in this film. In fact, there are three positive examples of marriage. However, the film promotes a theory that the life on earth was born by Martians “seeding” our planet. This of course, advances another basis for the theory of evolution. Okay, so if that explains our origin here on Earth, who created life on Mars? Creation – 1, Evolution – 0. The story suggests that life forms may have existed at one time on the red planet. (I guess that’s why the surface of Mars looks like a face.) While the theories explored in this film are not supported by the Bible, we have a clearer reason for not recommending this film — the ten misuses of God’s and Jesus’ name, mostly from one main character. To quote a Bible passage, “Let’s reason together.” Since God’s Word commands us not to use language that is irreverent to Him or His Son, should we support entertainment that takes either name in vain?

Content Description

Language: G.D.'s 2, Jesus 7, Christ’s sake 1, oh my god 2, SOB 2, expletives (damns and hells) 14 - Sex: 2 mild sexual innuendos as an astronaut at a party tries to con women into have sex with him since he will be in outer space for two years – Drinking: beers are consumed at a party, but no one gets drunk -Violence: When a tornado-like storm occurs on Mars, three people are blown away, one caught in the eye of the storm and twirling so fast the body explodes, one man’s hand is wounded by a meteorite, one man sacrifices himself for love – total body count 4 some intense, frightening moments, as lives are threatened by a mysterious windstorm on Mars and meteorites bombarding a spaceship, which causes leakage. If the inhabitants are unable to fix the problem quickly, they will all perish - nothing occultic, but it does contain a New Age concept of life on other planets.


Company: Touchstone Pictures
Writer: Jim Thomas, John Thomas and Graham Yost
Director: Brian De Palma
Producer: Tom Jacobson
Genre: Science-Fiction
Runtime: 120 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Starring: Tim Robbins, Gary Sinese, Don Cheadle, Connie Nielsen, Jerry O'Connell.
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright