In Crowd

Theatrical Release: July 19, 2000
In Crowd


Adrien Williams (Lori Heuring) has spent time at a psychiatric hospital coming to terms with a troubled past. Nearly recovered, she begins a new job on the staff of a posh country club. Though she is looking for a quiet life, the “in crowd” at the club does not overlook her beauty. These wealthy young people are led by Brittany (Susan Ward), their charismatic leader, who takes Adrien under her wing, showing her the ropes of a privileged life. When Brittany’s boyfriend, tennis pro Matt Curtis, takes an interest in Adrien, she perceives a threat to her ranking as leader of the group. And this reveals Brittany’s sinister side.

Dove Review

There are only so many dramatic themes upon which a writer can draw. Perhaps the most exploited and repetitious genre is the erotic psychological thriller. How can a writer, director and cast freshen up the beauty-who’s-really-a-nutcase thriller? I’m not sure anyone associated with this production asked that question, let alone attempted to answer it. Lacking in subtlety, dimension or suspense, “The In Crowd” will most likely appeal to adolescent males hoping to see young women in very little clothing. I think even they will be disappointed.

Content Description

Language: Jesus 1, F-word 2, S-word 3, bitch 6, bastard 2, expletives 5 – Sex: partial female nudity; implied lesbianism; lots of scantily clad females; much sensuality; erotic dancing in one scene; one sexual situation that turns into an attempted date rape, no nudity in this scene; sexy dialogue 3 – Adult smoking by a few characters – Lots of college age drinking – One character is drunk on several occasions – Violence: a psycho kills three people, once by drowning, once with a golf club, once off camera; this character attempts to kill two others with a shovel; a corpse is dug up.


Company: Warner Brothers
Director: Mary Lambert
Genre: Suspense
Runtime: 108 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright