Turn It Up

Theatrical Release: September 6, 2000
Turn It Up


Rap star wannabes (Pras, Ja Rule) become couriers for a drug lord while hoping to break into the music business at his up-town nightclub.

Dove Review

Twenty years ago I thought this music genre would die out quickly. It was not musical (to my way of thinking), but rather, harsh, crude, negative, sexist and performed by sleazy types in and out of trouble with the law each week. Twenty years later, it’s bigger than ever. While its biggest stars overdose or stand trial for murdering competitors, newcomers keep popping up, with shoulder chips usually larger than their talents. Although “Turn It Up” is a pretty entertaining look at the underworld side of hip hop music, be aware that you would have to subject to yourself to substantial amounts of profanity, obscenity, crudity and violence to learn a lesson you probably have already figured out. Now, I freely admit that when it comes to appreciating this musical format, I’m a bit of a fuddy duddy. I also admit that any art form done well has merit. Why, even several Christian artists have turned to this style of music to get the gospel message to an audience that may not relate to Sandi Patti. But the lifestyle associated with hip-hop and rap doesn’t exactly exemplify healthy living, physically or spiritually. Or am I mistaken?

Content Description

GD 1, God 1, Jesus 2, F-word 127, S-word 52, SOB 1, ass 3, crude sexual terms for body parts 3, expletives 10, the rap music contains many negative words including the N-word, bitches and Motherf---; Sex: implied sexual relationship between the lead and his girlfriend, who becomes pregnant; several woman are used to show off their cleavage and present sensuality; derogatory comments about women – Drinking: drinking in a nightclub on several occasions, but I caught no drunkenness - Drugs: discussions include drug use, but we do not see explicit use of narcotics – Violence: Many shootouts and fight scenes, including several dead bodies and one man being pistol-whipped; the leads are threatened on several occasions; the leads carry guns; lots of blood and dead bodies


Company: New Line/Fine Line
Director: Robert Adetuyi
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 87 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright