Get Carter

Theatrical Release: October 6, 2000
Get Carter


While attending a family funeral in L.A., mob enforcer Jack Carter discovers that his brother’s death was not from suicide. He had been murdered. The reflective and world-weary Carter sets out to find the killers. Attitude, revenge and lots of violence ensue as our “hero” seeks the truth.

Dove Review

A typical formulaic actioneer with tons of swagger and posterior-kicking fury, “Get Carter” is marred by brutal excessiveness – a malady that often passes for entertainment in this genre. Stallone proved in “Rocky” that he had some depth as an actor, but he has always been forced to display his talents through brutal physicality. Rather than insight or character development, this remake of the far superior 1970 action-melodrama simply gives viewers one punching match after another.

Content Description

Language: GD 6, Jesus 1, Christ 4, Oh God 2, F-word 32, S-word 15, ass 14, slang for body parts 2 – Sex: Prostitution is implied; a woman is scantily clothed; a couple of crude sexual comments; women are seen on video being drugged and raped, not graphic, but more than implied; two women kiss; sexual situations, but no nudity, although some very revealing outfits; implied adultery – Smoking: the lead smokes several times throughout; other minor characters smoke – Drinking: people drink in a bar; occasional drinking – Drugs: the lead discovers a woman who has overdosed – the syringe sticking out of her arm; a brief shot of people using cocaine – Violence: the film is replete with violent images including bloody beatings, kickings, car crashes, threats upon women, implied date rape drug used on women, murder by drug overdose; gun shootings, implied killings, two on-screen killings – mainly the violence is in the form of physical beatings


Company: Warner Brothers
Director: Stephen Kay
Genre: Action
Runtime: 102 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright