Charlies Angels

Theatrical Release: November 3, 2000
Charlies Angels


This campy “update” of the ‘70s TV show from music video director McG, “Charlie’s Angels” revolves around three female detectives – Natalie (Cameron Diaz) the bookworm, Dylan (Drew Barrymore) the tough girl, and Alex (Lucy Liu) the “class” act.
When Eric Knox, a soon-to-be billionaire, is kidnapped from his own office at Knox technologies, and the company is in jeopardy of losing a billion dollars, the three intelligent and beautiful detectives are on the case. Under the sure hand of their suave playboy boss, notorious for his cleaver ways of avoiding face-to-face meetings with his employees, the Angels use sexy outfits, more high-tech gadgets than “The Man From Uncle,” and hand-to-hand combat to save the day.

Dove Review

This feminine and witty answer to 007 – with a bit of Modesty Blaise thrown in for good measure – is loads of fun. The spoof never takes itself seriously, yet never belittles its characters. It may be the best time I’ve had in at the movies this entire year. Alas, Ms. Liu manages to profane God’s name twice. Evidently, that’s a sign of true girl power – being able to blaspheme right along with the guys. Due to the sensuality and misuse of God’s name and that of His Son’s, I cannot recomend this film for family viewing.

Content Description

Two uses of profanity, one obscene gesture; much sexuality, including sexual innuendo and implied sexual situations; we see one of the ladies sans clothing, but it is from a distance and nothing stands out - so to speak; Drinks are served several times, with Bosley getting a bit tipsy while having exotic drinks on the beach; the violence is all comic book, with The Matrix-like stop motion combat choreography.


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Director: McG
Genre: Action
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, Bill Murray
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright