Miss Congeniality

Theatrical Release: December 22, 2000
DVD Release: April 25, 2001
Miss Congeniality


The FBI suspects a terrorist may attack a beauty contest in order to gain headlines. To protect the ladies, the Feds recruit one of their female agents to be one of the contestants. Lacking femininity and refinement, a gay pageant consultant is hired to transform her into a beauty queen.

Dove Review

Sandra Bullock is as likeable, charismatic and pretty as a person can get. (Don’t think she’s all that pretty? Wait until you see her made up as a beauty contestant!) As for the story, well, it’s not original, suspenseful, or even all that funny. The best that can be said for this 110-minute film is that it is diverting, for there is more depth and suspense in this year’s Miss America pageant. I’ve seen variations of the theme often, including a segment of “Unhappily Ever After” where the teenage daughter attempts to write an inflammatory story about the school cheerleaders by joining the squad. Soon her disdain turns to respect. This is pretty much the same story, except that particular TV episode had a clever ending. And if you find profanity offensive and mood breaking in a comedy, you’ll most likely be turned off by the several misuses of God’s name, one of which borders on blasphemy.

Content Description

Language: GD 3, Jesus 4, blaspamy 1, S-word 1, assh--- 6, expletives 6 – Sex: several sexual comments and innuendo; one character is gay, with several jokes played off that fact, but no sexual situations – Drinking: occasional adult drinking – Violence: opening scenes have a car chase and shootings where some are wounded, others killed


Company: Warner Brothers
Director: Donald Petrie
Producer: Sandra Bullock
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 110 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright