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Easter Dance: Chocolate Egg Hunt Party

It’s Easter and all the inhabitants of Sunnyville are celebrating. Besties Hopz the Easter bunny and his buddy Lil’ Bit the Easter chick are searching for the best chocolate Easter eggs treats ever. Where will their adventures take them?

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Hopz and Lil’ Bit are excited about the upcoming Easter, and they are determined to solve the mystery of the recipe of the tasty chocolate Easter eggs, and who exactly in Sunnyville has been making them so tasty every year?

There are several song and dance numbers in this movie, and one is titled, appropriately, “Slinky Sleuth.” It’s appropriate because Hopz and Lil’ Bit consider themselves detectives as they make an effort to track down the secret of the delicious chocolate Easter eggs. Several animal characters are featured in the dance numbers in this energetic animated movie. An ant, pony, cub, elephant, turtle, dragon, a deer, and even Santa himself join in the dance numbers and they can really boogie! Santa has his own unique style, and kids will howl with delight at his slick dance steps.

Another dance which is featured is the Belly Bop. The dancers are instructed if they like food that is yummy, they have to yell, “Bop! Bop! Bop!” while dancing. This dance includes a chick, baby zebra, puppy, cub, and little pig. It is peppy and the toe-tapping songs may have kids (and even the adults!) dancing along.

In another nice scene, Santa and a character named Mittens are on the Sunnyville stage and they talk about the wonders of Easter. And Santa mentions the goodies are great! At one point, Mittens says he hears Santa’s belly rumbling and Santa replies, “That’s because it’s lunch time!”

There are plenty of humorous moments. A chick says he likes to solve mysteries like, which came first-the chicken or the egg? There are positive themes in this movie, including the scene in which a guard dog thinks he would make a great mayor like his dad. He’s told if he works hard, listens, and learns, there’s nothing he can’t do. He’s told, “Hard work always pays off.”

And there are important lessons, such as when a dog says chocolate makes his tummy ache, and it also makes him fart! Since chocolate is dangerous for dogs to eat, this is a nice insertion in this comedic film. Hopz says he must find the chocolate recipe because if he doesn’t his mom will kick his butt! His mom is a nice nurse and so it’s unlikely his mom would do that, but Hopz is determined to make his mom happy.

Another dance is called the Tippy Tail Wag, and throughout the various dance numbers a baby eagle, puppy, and other animals shake their stuff. The search to solve the mystery of who makes the chocolate eggs continues. In one nod to Sherlock Holmes, Hopz tells Buttercup they’re trying to solve a mystery, to which Buttercup replies, “A mystery you say? Is the game afoot?” In a breakthrough moment, Buttercup shares that she doesn’t know who makes the chocolate eggs, but she knows who delivers them. We won’t spoil who (or what) makes the eggs but Lolly the friendly dragon knows, and it’s revealed before the movie concludes. And, as Lolly points out, sometimes the clearest answers are the hardest to see.

A few of the peppy songs feature lyrics. One song features the words, “I believe in you. Baby, you were born to win. Never give up, never give in.” So, another nice theme of encouraging others to win at life is featured. And a romantic song features the lyrics: “You don’t know what you do to me. I feel my heart beat inside of me . . . you stole my heart, you’re a criminal!”

These animal-characters know how to strut their stuff, and one song even sounds like a rap tune. The various themes about hard work and encouraging others are worthy themes to think about. Parents can discuss these important issues with their kids. This wholesome movie has captured our Dove Seal for All Ages due to its family-oriented presentation and themes.

The Dove Take:

Kids will tap their toes to this music and dance-filled video which presents good moral themes such as working hard and encouraging others, and it’s a good one for the entire family.

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Just the idea of the importance of Easter.


Characters encourage one another to work hard and to believe in themselves; a character wants to learn about a recipe and who makes the chocolate eggs so he can please his mom.


Just a romantic song about a girl making a guy’s heart beat faster.


Butt; tushy









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