Theatrical Release: November 20, 2001
DVD Release: November 20, 2001


Troy Martingale (Richard Marchand), a devoted husband and father, discovers there is a $75,000 shortage in his company, Martingale Development. Unable to reach his accountant and future son-in-law, Rob Wilson (Travis Coley), who is out of town, Troy becomes convinced Rob is guilty of stealing the money and running off with another woman. Troy confronts his wife Allison (Kay Marchand) and daughter Heather (Sarah Barcus) with his suspicions after filing felony charges against Rob, causing Heather to leave the home and the first real conflict between Troy and Allison in 23 years of marriage.

Troy, operating in man’s world, turns from all the values he has followed his entire life. He turns to making money without regard to whom he hurts in the process. Troy then comes to a confrontational point with God, who, by means of a series of warnings, shows him the folly of the path he has chosen. Troy heads down a path, which could end in disaster. He has a chance to heed the warnings of God, but will he?

This movie has a powerful story line with a self-examination quality to it. The writing is not predictable, with several twists that take the audience by surprise as Troy travels down the path he has chosen. The music is top quality, live orchestra, adding impact to the drama of the scenes as the story unfolds.

Dove Review

Troy Martingale is faced with an apparent $75,000 theft from his business when the bank tells him that he is missing the money. All evidence points to his future son-in-law Rob as the guilty party, since he has bought a one-way ticket to Canada, emptied his bank account, and seemingly ran off with another woman. Troy is going to press charges against the son-in-law without even speaking to him, when God speaks to Troy. Watch as God works through the heart of a man as he tries to find out who he really is and how he really wants to react to a trying situation. Christians will enjoy this movie because of the message.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Alesius Pictures
Writer: Jim Owens and Art Hoover
Director: Jim Owens and Art Hoover
Producer: Jim Owens and Art Hoover
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Dick Marchand, Kay Marchand, Sarah Barcus, Travis Coley, Deidre Madsen and Ron Boutwell
Reviewer: Dave Lukens