The Transporter

Theatrical Release: October 11, 2002
The Transporter


Jason Statham stars in this action-filled adventure as Frank Martin, a former Special Forces member living in France. Living by a strict set of rules, Martin hires himself out as a transporter, guaranteeing any kind of package will get from one place to another, for the right price. Because of his meticulous planning, rule one for Martin is never change the details of the contract. Names are never used and never look in the package. But Frank breaks his own rules when the package moves and turns out to be Lai, played by Shu Qi. Lai is the daughter of a Chinese gangster importing Chinese people illegally into France, but she disagrees with her father’s methods. But breaking the rules, even if they’re your own, leads to problems. Frank and Lai race to find a shipping container full of Chinese people, while dodging gangsters trying to kill them.

Dove Review

Filled with incredible stunts on land, sea, and air, unbelievable martial arts moves and a wild car chase through a French city, THE TRANSPORTER lives up to it’s label as an action movie. Although dialogue is secondary to the action, several obscenities and strong profanity spoils the conversation. Frequent martial arts fights and shoot-outs use violence to entertain and injuries are sometimes graphic. And like many action films, one scene strongly implies a sexual encounter although no nudity is shown. Although Martin appears to re-discover his moral foundation about what’s right, obscenities, condoned pre-marital sex and exploited violence deliver damaged goods for THE TRANSPORTER.

Content Description


Company: 20th Century Fox
Genre: Action
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Movie Morality Minstries - Paul Bicking