Good Fences

Network Premier: February 28, 2003
DVD Release: December 16, 2003
Good Fences


In “Good Fences”, a man named Tom (Danny Glover) starts as a struggling attorney in 1973 who eventually lands a break in a big case that moves his family out of middle class, and into a white upper class neighborhood. Even as he rises in rank and admiration, he still is tormented by troubling flashbacks which cloud his sensible views on race discrimination among other things. His wife, Maybel (Whoopi Goldberg) also struggles to hold onto what she loves, and still fit in with the upper class. “Good Fences” is a movie about knowing one’s place, and finding out what is right.

Dove Review

“Good Fences” may find the appeal of adults, but it is not appropriate for Children. There are far too many counts of sexual innuendos and situations, including language and nudity. Also, even though language in some points is creatively used (for example: “Your people are ignorant chimps swinging from the trees”) to avoid using swear or curse words, there are still too many uses of certain words, not limited to using God’s name in vain. The family cited in this movie is suggested to be religious (Baptist) and gathers together at the Thanksgiving dinner table in prayer every year, which is an advantage to a Christian World viewpoint. However, in addition to the already stated, there is suggested violence, smoking, and casual drinking; as well as class and race discrimination, however resolved. It was a great movie, and to its credit, it depicted a good family atmosphere the majority of the time; the parents loved each other and also wanted the best for their children. For an adult, it is a great movie to check out.

Content Description

Sex: sex in marriage, friend talking about fantasies/buying panties, 17 year old boy suggested to have sex with friend’s mom who “seduces” him-but it’s not seen…she acts as if she wants him nude to sculpt him…but is seductiveLanguage: (GD=5, Bast=3, Dam=1) Violence: hearing the neighbor possibly being beaten, shows bruises on her throughout movie, she later turns up deadDrugs: countless amounts of smoking, casual drinking-margaritas, etc) Nudity: man’s rear, short clips from pornographic show on TV)


Company: Showtime Networks, Inc.
Writer: Trey Ellis
Producer: Danny Glover
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 119 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Sara Long