The Master Of Disguise – Edited

Theatrical Release: August 25, 2003
DVD Release: August 25, 2003


The Disguisey family tree just dropped a nut….Pistachio. One minute he’s and old woman. The next, a turtle man. Moments later, President George W. Bush. Who is this man, this myth, this master? He’s Pistachio, the Master of Disguise. Pistachio Disguisey (Dan Carvey, Waynes’s World) is a mild-mannered waiter whose life is about to change. Big time. Criminal mastermind Devlin Bowman (Brent Spiner, Star Trek: Nemesis) has kidnapped Pistachio’s parents and is forcing his father Fabrizzio (James Brolin, Traffic) to steal priceless treasures from around the world. It’s up to Pistachio to save the day, but how? His grandfather informs him of a secret family legacy: he’s descended from a long line of brilliant disguise masters. Quickly trained in the ancient art of transformation and with the help of a sexy assistant (Jennifer Esposito, Don’t Say a Word), an acred pop-up book and a magic ball of knowledge, Pistachio just may surprise everyone. The Master of Disguise from Revolution Studios is an outrageous adventure comedy that’s fun for the whole family. This edited version has been provided and edited by Family Flix.

Dove Review

If you like Dana Carvey, you will like this film. This showcases his talent to create and imitate characters and real life people. His huge talent in this area, as he demonstrated in many years on Saturday Night Live, is brought full circle in this comedy that seems to allow Carvey full rein to demonstrate his talent. While Dove awarded the Dove Seal to this film in its original Theatrical Release, this edited version does eliminate a few of the questionable areas of content. But, not many edits were needed in this. Families will enjoy the antics of Carvey, even though I thought much of what he did on Saturday Night Live was better.

Content Description

Faith: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Writer: Dana Carvey and Harris Goldberg
Producer: Sid Ganis, Alex Siskin, Barry Bernardi and Todd Garner
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 80 min.
Reviewer: Dave Lukens