The Polar Express

Theatrical Release: November 10, 2004
DVD Release: November 22, 2005
The Polar Express


Based on Chris Van Allsburg’s 1985 classic children’s book, this film uses “performance capture,” a new technique that turns actors’ movements into computer animation. A boy’s dream of sneaking a peek at Santa Claus (Tom Hanks) is about to come true when the Polar Express steam train stops in front of his house one Christmas Eve. Boarding several kids along the way, the Train Conductor (Tom Hanks) takes them on an unforgettable journey toward the North Pole, but they must face a dangerous problem — the terrain of the arctic. Venturing across ice-covered lakes and plummeting down steep mountain cliffs, the Polar Express races to get the children to the North Pole to see Santa before it’s too late. This magical, delightful experience is a true holiday treat for kids of all ages. Most adults will cheer too.

Dove Review

I was really impressed with this movie. And I believe that it is one of the most wholesome movies that I have ever seen. Tom Hanks plays the voices of many of the characters, but the most prominent one was the role of the Polar Express Conductor. This movie was animated, but the conductor looked exactly like Tom Hanks, and the rest of the characters looked like real people. It was a Christmas themed movie, but it had a bigger message than just “Merry Christmas.” It taught everyone to be happy with themselves, believe in things that cannot necessarily be seen, and be open to new people and new friends. This is one of those movies that everyone from ages 1 to 100 can come away from feeling genuinely good; and will likely stay happy and uplifted for the rest of the day. I recommend that everyone see “The Polar Express.”

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Warner Brothers
Writer: Chris Van Allsburg
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: G
Starring: Tom Hanks, Daryl Sabara
Reviewer: Kadie Lukens