Enduring Love

Theatrical Release: December 3, 2004
Enduring Love


A picnic on a perfect day in the English countryside becomes a sudden moment of crisis as a hot air balloon plunges from the sky. A young boy is in danger and Joe (Daniel Craig), and three other men race to the rescue. In their attempt, one of the men meets a spectacular and totally unpredictable death. Joe is haunted with guilt for his part in the matter. Another rescuer, intense and obsessive JED(Rhys Ifans), fixates on Joe and sets about to systematically destabilize his life, his career and his connection with his longtime girlfriend Claire (Samantha Morton). A thriller about the need to find meaning in accident, ENDURING LOVE, based on Ian McEwan’s best-selling novel, explores the conflict between affection that destroys and affection that heals.

Dove Review

Enduring Love shows how strongly a traumatic experience can affect someone’s life. After witnessing the death of the man, everything in Joe’s (Daniel Craig) life constantly reminds him of that incident. The movie does a great job showing the torment Joe puts himself through, blaming himself for the uncontrollable incident. Jed’s (Rhys Ifans) obsession with Joe adds much unexpected drama in the film. Even though the movie moved slowly, the writing was excellent- I was very intrigued to see the resolution of all the transpiring events. The film also included a surprising, although understandable, twist at the end. I recommend this film for those who enjoy good writing, and can endure a dawdling pace.

Once again, foul language removes a film from being family friendly. There were over forty F-words in this film, along with some other non-approved words. The movie doesn’t show the man actually hitting the ground, but does show his badly broken and bloody injured legs. Jed’s love for Joe is what fuels his extreme obsession for him, including a scene where they kiss; which may be sensitive for young people. There are also two instances of people being stabbed. This film is only appropriate for adults not sensitive to the above content.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Man and woman stabbed with knife, man’s bloody, broken legs shown.
Sex: Couple instances where man and woman kiss, Two men shown kissing, unmarried man and woman living together.
Language: 42 F’s, 2 B’s, Hell, G, J, Bastard.
Violence: Man and woman stabbed with knife, man’s bloody, broken legs shown.
Drugs: Man and woman drinking champagne, man drinking in bar, man smoking cigarettes.
Nudity: Man shown in underwear.
Other: None


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Director: Roger Michell
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 91 min.
Reviewer: Bradley B. Klinge