Son of the Mask

Theatrical Release: February 18, 2005
Son of the Mask


This newest film in the “Mask” series focuses on aspiring cartoonist Tim Avery (Kennedy) who’s feeling reluctant to become a father when he finds that he has to take care of a baby with amazing abilities.. somehow, the baby has the powers of the Mask of Loki, a mythological object that transforms its user into a manic shapeshifter alter-ego. As bad as a baby with godlike powers might seem, the ‘really’ bad news is that Loki (Cumming) wants his mask back…

Dove Review

Son of the Mask is a classic example of how to make a film that is NOT Dove “Family-Approved.” The language goes over the top for its intended audience of pre-teen kids. The use of “Frickin” clearly shows the writer’s lack of awareness of who his target market really is. With strong occult overtones, including several possessions by the god Oden, and a summons complete with an incantation, this film will offend more people than it appeals to.

Content Description

Sex: A married couple attempts to have a baby.
Language: Several use of the word God in many profane forms. 2 uses of "Frickin." Several D-words.
Violence: Many times and not all in a comic sense. The opening sequence where Loki is looking for his mask would be too scary for younger viewers.
Drugs: Drinking
Nudity: Several low cut or revealing outfits.
Occult: Incantation to summon Oden, Baby's head spins and he vomits similar to the Exorcist, Several possessions of by-standers by Oden.


Company: New Line/Fine Line
Writer: Lance Khazei
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 86 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe