Theatrical Release: February 25, 2005
DVD Release: June 21, 2005


A werewolf loose in Los Angeles changes the lives of three young adults, who, after being mauled by the beast, learn they must kill their attacker if they hope to change their fate.

Dove Review

There are so many different ways I could incorporate the title of this movie in describing how awful it was, but that would be too easy. First of all, I had this film figured out before the halfway point, so I got to sit there and watch bad acting with horrible scare tactics. Second, with all the technology we have for movies today, there is no way the werewolf from “Teen wolf” should be scarier than the ones in this film. But just like the US hockey team in 1980, miracles happen. Third, if you were to take the entire state of Wisconsin and gather up all the cheese and put it on a scale, it wouldn’t come close to the cheesy ending of this movie. If you see this movie, you’ll have “cursed” 96 minutes of your life (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Other than being worse than a flickering light, this film has its share of offensive material. What they couldn’t get in good writing, I believe they attempted to make up in foul language. Also there are several scenes where the werewolf attacks people. This film is not Dove approved or movie fan approved.

Content Description

Sex: Conversation about having sex.
Language: 15 S, 6 A, 4 G, 2 H, 2 B. werewolf gives people the middle finger.
Violence: Several scenes with werewolf attacking people, man gets bit, woman thrown and attacked. Scratch and bite wounds shown.
Drugs: none
Nudity: Two butts are shown.
Occult: Werewolves


Company: Dimension Films
Director: Wes Craven
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Bradley B. Klinge