Guess Who?

Theatrical Release: March 25, 2005
Guess Who?


Percy Jones (Bernie Mac) is an overly protective father who prepares for a big weekend as he celebrates his 25th wedding anniversary and meets his daughter’s new boyfriend. Simon Green (Ashton Kutcher) sounds like the whole package that Percy is looking for — a bright man with a promising future with a large investment firm. But when Theresa (Zoë Saldaña) brings Simon home, her parents discover that he is white. When Percy catches them in a compromising position in the bedroom, he has Simon sleep in bed with him to protect his daughter. To make matters worse, a background check reveals that Simon has lost his job and hasn’t told his fiancée. Percy’s mouth and manipulation gets him into his own share of trouble with his wife. Frustrated, the two women leave home, and the men must fend for themselves for a night. This will either bring them together or terminate the strained relationship.

Dove Review

How does one create the storyline for “Guess Who”? First, take about one-third of “Just Married” and spread it evenly in a non-stick pan. Then mix in another third of “Meet the Parents” until you have a thick texture. Sprinkle some Chris Rock racial humor on top and bake for 97 minutes until you get a nice PG-13 rating. I have to admit, I laughed a great deal during this movie which is expected with actors such as Kutcher and Mac. Bernie Mac’s character is a mirror image of Robert DeNiro’s in “Meet the Parents.” Ashton Kutcher’s role combines with the one he played in “Just Married” and Ben Stiller’s in “Meet the Parents.” I cannot think of one element in this film that I had hadn’t seen before. The movie did an excellent job, though, of maximizing Kutcher’s and Mac’s talents which leads to some gut-wrenching scenes. However, if you have seen both of the other films mentioned above, you have seen this one too.

Much of the humor in this film is directed toward adults which consequently excludes Dove from approving it. Many of the jokes are sex and race related, playing off of societal stereotypes. Offensive language and several drinking scenes also contribute to this film’s non-approval. Even the credits, which include scenes that continue the story, include some offensive material. If you are looking for a good comedy about an overprotective father then “Father of the Bride,” and “Father of the Bride 2” are superb alternatives to this film.

Content Description

Sex: Many jokes about men’s performance in bed; difference in size of men’s genitalia, couple gay sexual jokes.
Language: 16 A, 8 H, 9 S, 9 D, 2 G/GD, 6 OMG, 1 B, Oh my Lord, 2 “Hoe’s”
Violence: none
Drugs: Several scenes with drinking, some with intoxication.
Nudity: none
Occult: none


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Writer: David Ronn
Genre: Comedy
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Bradley B. Klinge