Must Love Dogs

Theatrical Release: July 29, 2005
DVD Release: December 20, 2006
Must Love Dogs


In this comedy, newly divorced Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) is a 40-something woman who dreads the thought of re-entering the dating scene. But her persistent family has other ideas and creates an online personal ad informing men that Sarah is voluptuous and that any man of hers must love dogs. Sarah finally gives in and agrees to arrange dates with some of the men. After a series of horrible mismatches, Sarah seems smitten with two men: a newly divorced father of one of Sarah’s students (Dermot Mulroney) and a down-to-earth boat builder (John Cusack). Sarah’s widowed father (Christopher Plummer) tries his hand at online dating, too, with surprising results. Sarah discovers, after sleeping with one of the men, that she made a horrible decision. Her father has a chance meeting with the other man, which convinces her to find what she has been looking for all along.

Dove Review

I fail to see why producers of romantic comedies continually cross the line of acceptability for the family audience. Must Love Dogs is yet another example in a very long list of films that blows good taste right out of the water with foul language, sexual dialog, pre-marital sexual relationships and poor taste. What could have been a pretty good film along the lines of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, failed in so many ways.

There are some pretty funny scenes like each time Sarah goes to the supermarket and speaks with the butcher. He sisters are way too involved in her life, especially her dating life, but that adds to some of the humor.

While I do like dogs, this dog of a movie is well worth passing up.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: Many comments and lines about having sex; Many slang terms for having sex are spoken throughout the film; unmarried couple have sex; Man talks about porn sites; Couple drives all over town looking to purchase some condoms so they can have sex.
Language: a-word - 4; slang for female breasts - 3; Oh G- 8; p_ss_d - 3; d*mn; s-word; h-word-4; G**d**m; b***ard - 2;
Violence: None
Drugs: Several scenes where major characters are drinking; One scene where man is drunk and ends up passing out.
Nudity: Many shots of women's cleavage; Women shown naked in shower from back and waist up; Strip club scene where woman is dancing seductively.
Other: Family relationships are shown in a positive light; Two men characters are gay and are shown on a "date" together.


Company: Warner Brothers
Writer: Claire Cook (novel), Gary David Goldberg (screenplay)
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 98 min.
Reviewer: Dave Lukens