Crimson Tide – Edited

Theatrical Release: September 15, 2005
DVD Release: September 15, 2005


When Russian rebels gain control of nuclear weapons in the USSR, the United States retaliates by deploying the USS Alabama, a nuclear submarine commanded by Captain Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman). The veteran soldier and naval legend, Ramsey, selects Lt. Commander Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington)— a Harvard graduate who prefers using brains over weapons—as his Executive Officer. While submerged, the Alabama is attacked by a Russian sub and loses radio contact just as an order is being transmitted from headquarters. Old Navy dog, Ramsey, firmly believes that the interrupted transmission ends with an order to fire their nuclear missiles at the Russian rebels. Hunter, desperate to avoid starting World War III, is determined to re-establish radio contact and act only after complete orders are received. Without the second-in-command’s agreement, the missiles cannot be launched, and soon Ramsey and Hunter are engaged in a tense battle of wills, forcing the crew to choose sides. In the tradition of ”Top Gun” and ”True Romance,” director Tony Scott keeps the tension running high in this fast-paced military thriller. Hackman scores as the tradition-bound Ramsey, and Washington is superb as the thoughtful young officer who feels compelled to take a stand against his superior.

Dove Review

This movie was originally rated R for language and action style violence. The edited version was rated Mild Elements because the whole premise of this movie is about war. The submarines are shooting torpedoes at each other and the U.S.A and Russia are at war. There really isn’t a whole lot you can do with the editing process without taking away most of the plot points of the movie. However, the language has been edited out and there is nothing graphic evident when violence is shown. It’s a really good movie. It’s really intense, but I think that everyone will like it.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: War scenes
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: War scenes
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Touchstone Pictures
Director: Tony Scott
Genre: Action
Starring: Gene Hackman, Denzel Washington
Reviewer: Kadie Lukens