The New World

Theatrical Release: January 20, 2006
DVD Release: May 9, 2006
The New World


A Terrence Malick-scripted drama about explorer John Smith and the clash between Native Americans and English settlers in the 17th century.

Dove Review

You should immediately be told that this film was not marketed as being “based on a true story” as little other than fiction can be found in this epic let down. Terrence Malick should have concerned himself more with the writing than the directing of this piece of revisionist history and the actors spend more time narrating their stories than speaking actual dialog. Scene after scene either drag on too long or flash by so quickly that you have no sense of perspective in this MTV meets classic 40’s film-making production. “The New World” was simply over directed, over orchestrated, over edited and over acted. The only thing it wasn’t, was over soon enough for me.

While their is no objectionable dialog and any possible sexual relationships are only slightly implied, violence keeps this film from receiving the Dove Seal.

Content Description

Sex: A sexual relationship is only slightly implied.
Language: None.
Violence: Many scenes of Native Americans and Colonists spearing, cutting, stabbing, shooting or otherwise killing each other for no apparent reasons in the film other than the fact that our history books all tell us of the struggles between the two groups.
Drugs: Tobacco is smoked or burned during rituals.
Nudity: Scantily clad Native American women.
Occult: Native American ceremonies and rituals are practiced without explanation to the audience of their significance.


Company: New Line Cinema
Director: Terrence Malick
Producer: Sarah Green
Genre: Action
Runtime: 150 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe