Mission Possible (Manuscript)



“Mission Possible” is a story about a group of kids, around the ages of seven and up, who are part of the “Europa Sky Swarmers,” a space group who take on various “missions” to improve the world’s condition. The fantasy of the kids is starkly set against a backdrop of reality. For example, a boy named Gil Wright, twelve years old, and his sister Annie, seven, live in a home in which the father, Eddie, recently left the mother, Carol, after Eddie’s innovative computer ideas were stolen by a competitor who made a ton of money on his ideas. The “Swarmers” are a resourceful group, and will need every ounce of resourcefulness as they face real-life problems in their space-fantasy world.

Dove Review

This family-friendly script has some solid characters in it, such as the father Eddie and mother Carol. Also, the kids are quite believable – Gil, Annie, Benson, and Sue Lei. The premise is that the kids are part of the “Europa Sky Swarmers,” a space group who like to go on “missions” to conquer problematic situations. Well, there are some such situations in this story–including the break-up of Eddie and Carol, Gil and Annie’s parents, and an incident at a mall which gets out of hand. This incident at the mall is the only real case of mild violence in the story. The story is a bit slow in the beginning, but begins to speed up as it moves ahead, and the ending is wrapped up nicely. Other than some childish name calling, there is nothing unfriendly for families, and the two bad guys get theirs in the end. The characters also grow, which makes the conclusion more satisfying.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Some problems at a mall with a chase but nothing graphic.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Some childish name calling.


Company: Media World Television Inc.
Genre: Action
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter