Beauty and the Beast (1991)



A prince cursed to spend his days as a hideous monster sets out to regain his humanity by earning a young woman’s love.

Dove Review

This is a romantic story of changing on the inside to realize that what’s important is discovering the beauty within a person. The male lead, a prince turned into a beast, because of his selfishness, tames his angry temperament to care about little birds, books, and Belle, the women who captured his heart. Belle, a maiden from a small village with big dreams of adventure and travel, thinks of the people around her as small minded and simple but responds kindly to people. She sacrifices her dreams and future for her father’s freedom. Once the Beast regrets letting his temper scare Beauty away, he rescues her from wolves, and she sees how he cared more for her than the pain of the wolves attacking him. That inspires them both to look deeper, find good in the other person, and fall in love.

Touching moments of kindness and discovering more about looking past appearances to the true inner beauty of another person make the movie endearing for all viewers.

The people in the castle, also under the enchanted spell, hope Belle will break the spell, and encourage the Beast to welcome Beauty. Little Chip and his mother show great kindness.

When Belle uses the magic mirror to see her father and is worried about him, the Beast lets her go, giving up his last chance to break the spell for her happiness. Once Belle uses the mirror to prove her father saw a beast, she realizes that Gaston wants to kill the beast, and races back to save him.

Gaston, the antagonist, believes he deserves the best including Belle for his wife. He doesn’t care if he tricks people, or uses deceit to get his way. He attacks the Beast who has no desire to hurt him. Gaston falls to his death after he wounds the Beast. The beast dies but Belle’s love for him breaks the spell, he lives, and turns back to the prince, kinder than before the spell. The prince rejoices with his servants who are restored.

This wholesome, inspiring animated story brings tears, laughter, joy, and hope to the entire family. We award the movie the Dove “Family-approved” seal for all ages.

The Dove Take

Touching moments of kindness and discovering more about looking past appearances to the true inner beauty of another person make this movie endearing for all viewers.

Content Description

Faith: No real faith. Gaston uses prayer to justify attacking the beast, yet condones stealing when he encourages the townspeople to take any booty they find.
Sex: None
Language: The film incudes bullying and judging others. Gaston insults people including calling Belle’s father a crazy old loon. To herself, Belle labels the townspeople provincial and Gaston as brainless. Gaston’s friends praise Gaston’s bullying with phrases like ‘No one bite like Gaston’ and ‘No one hits like Gaston.’ Gaston’s phrase, ‘I use antlers in all of my decorating’ refers to hunting animals.
Violence: The beast saves Belle from violent wolves. Gaston’s attack on the beast and the battle in the castle is offset by the Beast choosing peace over hurting Gaston.


Company: Disney
Writer: Linda Woolverton (animation screenplay by), Brenda Chapman (story by), Chris Sanders (story by)Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise
Genre: Animated Family Fantasy
Runtime: 84 min.
Industry Rating: G