Theatrical Release: September 8, 2006


A private detective (Adrien Brody) investigates the mysterious 1959 death of George Reeves (Ben Affleck), star of the 1950s TV series Superman. Although the death was listed as a suicide, several clues lead the detective to believe the actor was murdered. Reeves’ fiancé emerges as a possible suspect, while his affair with Toni Mannix, the wife of a studio executive, brings forth questions that need answers.

Dove Review

This story line was interesting and even fascinating at times as it unraveled three possible scenarios regarding the death of actor George Reeves, who portrayed TV’s “Superman” in the fifties. Was it a suicide? Was he killed by his ex-lover’s husband? Or was it his new lady who also happpened to be his fiance’? Ben Affleck does a fairly good job playing Reeves, and his voice at times sounds superbly like Reeves. In one scene he looks remarkably like Reeves but it is as he walks away from the camera. The only detraction is he doesn’t actually resemble Reeves, although the make-up department helped in certain shots. Another positive element which will bring nostalgia to some is seeing the Chuckwagon lunchbox and Etch-A-Sketch toy in the beginning of the film.

Unfortunately, this movie has very strong language as well as a sexual relationship between Reeves and a couple of his girlfriends. The sexual innuendos are strong and there is partial rear nudity of Affleck. The film also portrays Reeves as a man who didn’t like doing the show at all. In fact, he took pride in doing something kids loved and even quit smoking because they were watching. It’s too bad we can’t approve this one for age twelve and above. A story about TV’s “Superman” deserved a more family-like approach.

Content Description

Sex: Simulated love-making although no nudity in the scenes, explicit sexual dialog and a lot of sexual innuendo. A hint of oral sex.
Language: J-1; Chr*st-3; JC-1; GD-13; F-15; S-8; BS-3; A-3; Pr*ck-2; B*tch-3; D-1;Pen*s-1; Hor*y-1; Slang for making love-3; Geez-1; G/OG-2; Racial Slur-1; H-2
Violence: A few scenes of Reeves being shot although not overly graphic, and Brody's character, a detective, is beaten up. A woman's dead, bloody body is seen, and Reeve's corpse is viewed with a bullet wound in the head.
Drugs: A fair amount of alcohol and smoking throughout.
Nudity: A lot of cleavage and partial male rear nudity.
Occult: None


Company: Focus Features
Director: Allen Coulter
Genre: Mystery
Runtime: 126 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter