The Enforcer

DVD Release: April 25, 2000
The Enforcer


Jet Li stars in this kung-fu vehicle directed by Corey Yuen Kwai. Though a committed father and husband, Kung (Li) is a mainland undercover cop assigned to a case so sensitive that he dare not tell what he does to those he loves the most. Ordered to infiltrate the crime syndicate run by the psychotic Po Kwong (Yu Rongguang), Kung befriends Po’s associate Darkie (Blackie Ko Shou-liang) and helps him escape from jail. In gratitude, Darkie smuggles Kung in Hong Kong and introduces him to Po. During an exchange between the crime lord and a second shady customer who is hawking liquid explosives, a shootout ensues. Kung takes policewoman Fong Yat-wah (Anita Mui Yim-fong) hostage and flees the scene. After he saves her from falling to her death, Fong suspects that Kung is more than the average thug. She journeys to China to investigate the matter, and learns that indeed he is an honest cop. Unfortunately, some of Po’s associates also go to China and learn the same thing

Dove Review

This slow-paced movie seemed to repeat itself. The acting cold have been a lot better. It was a movie in a different language put into English so it seemed fake. It had a large amount of violence with fighting, shooting, and men getting killed. An undercover cop hides his job from his family and tries to take care of things in Hong Kong. He loses his wife along the way and learns to not keep things from his son anymore. Due to the violence, this one cannot be Dove approved.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: D-2; Dam*it-5
Violence: Man blown up, men shot, shoot out in city, fighting, kicking, punching, dogs attack men, man kills dog, explosions, men hit with metal bars.
Drugs: Smoking and drinking shown.
Nudity: None
Occult: None


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Writer: Sandy Shaw and Jing Wong
Director: Corey Yuen
Genre: Action
Runtime: 104 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Hannah Kortz