The Messengers

Theatrical Release: February 2, 2007
DVD Release: June 5, 2007
The Messengers


There is evidence to suggest that children are highly susceptible to paranormal phenomenon. They can see what adults cannot, they believe what adults deny. In ‘The Messengers’, a suspense thriller starring Kristen Stewart, Dylan McDermott, Penelope Anne Miller and John Corbett, the Solomon family has left big city life for a secluded farm in North Dakota. Soon after they arrive at their new home, 16 year-old Jess and her 3 year-old brother begin seeing ominous apparitions that no one else can see, and are repeatedly attacked by something from the other side. Now they must try desperately to warn the rest of the family before it’s too late.

Dove Review

“The Messengers” is a pretty typical ghost story, with plenty of loud noises, creepy-looking ghosts, and other attempts at being spooky. The plot is not very original, and the movie is very slow-paced; I wasn’t able to get interested in any of the characters, either. Also, I found the truth behind the haunting, which is revealed at the end of the movie, to be predictable, as well as the ending. There is almost no blood or gore in the movie, and one positive thing was a teen girl’s confession that she had caused an accident due to drunk driving. She expresses great remorse and regret about her decision to drive under the influence, and talks about the strain that this incident put on her relationship with her parents. Only one person dies in the film so although the film comes to the brink of not being approved, it does make it with a two under our content rating.

Content Description

Sex: Husband and wife kiss; sexual reference made by husband to his wife.
Language: S-3; A-2; B-1; D-5; OG/OMG-5.
Violence: Several people grabbed by ghosts; woman thrown against wall; girl thrown over banister; man hits woman; teen hit with pitchfork; man stabbed with pitchfork; man pulled into muck and drowned; men attacked by crows twice. Yet only one person dies.
Drugs: Reference to negative consequences of drinking and driving
Nudity: None
Other: Scary images including ghosts; scary noises; objects are smashed by an unseen force.


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Writer: Mark Wheaton and Todd Farmer
Director: Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang
Producer: Sam Raimi
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 91 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Samantha Kubik