Fern Gully – The Last Rainforest

Theatrical Release: April 10, 1992
DVD Release: October 18, 2005
Fern Gully – The Last Rainforest


The film tells the story of Fern Gully, a rainforest near Mt. Warning, Australia. A curious and mischievous fairy named Crysta sees a part of the world she has never seen before beyond the rainforest and believes humans dwell on the nearby mountain. But the wise sprite of the forest, Magi Lune, says humans are extinct. Befriending a mentally unstable fruit bat named Batty Koda (Robin Williams) who has been experimented on by humans and now has wires and aerials fused into his head, Crysta heads into the unknown where she finds dead trees all covered in red crosses. She finds humans, and accidentally shrinks one named Zak to prevent him being crushed by a tree.

Zak goes on a wild adventure with Crysta and Batty, nearly getting eaten by a lizard, beaten up by Pips and his gang of idiot bugs, and unexpectedly falling in love with Crysta. All the while, Zak’s superiors—lumberjacks to be exact—chop down an enchanted tree that releases an evil known as Hexxus (Tim Curry), the spirit of destruction, who wishes to get revenge upon Fern Gully for imprisoning him in the tree.

Dove Review

This G-rated film has nice animation and the character voices are well done by actors like Robin Williams and Tim Curry. However, there are some serious concerns we have regarding this film. First of all, the images of the snakes and skeletons and other monsters may well prove to be too frightening for younger viewers. In addition, the New Age idea of all the power of creation (a quote from the film) lies within us, is used, in addition to the idea of all the “magic” of creation being contained in a tiny seed. These ideas ignore God completely and this, along with the magical powers which are not quite explained, cause us to withhold our approval of this film as family friendly.

Content Description

Sex: Kissing between Zack and Crysta.
Language: None
Violence: There are some big snakes and monsters which frighten the main characters. One character carries a pocket knife but he doesn't use it.
Drugs: None
Nudity: The character of Crysta doesn't wear much; a male character also wears little in a few scenes.
Other: The New Age idea of all the power you need is inside you; the statement is made that all the magic of creation is contained in a little seed. Magical powers are used.


Company: 20th Century Fox
Writer: Jim Cox and Diana Young
Director: Bill Kroyer
Producer: Peter Faiman
Genre: Children
Runtime: 76 min.
Industry Rating: G
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter