Stuart Little: All Revved Up

DVD Release: May 22, 2007
Stuart Little: All Revved Up


Everyone’s favorite Little guy returns in three fun-filled adventures. Whether he’s exploring the great outdoors, skateboarding with his brother George or in pursuit of Taco Tuesday, Stuart Little brings his trademark heart and humor to three stories sure to delight the whole family. These entertaining tales have captured the charm of the E.B. White classics while communicating positive messages about cooperation, self-esteem and fair play.

Dove Review

This is a great animated DVD with three separate short stories. All three have great lessons in them. One is about playing fair, trying your best and having fun and letting the little ones know that winning is not everything, but if you keep these things in mind, everyone will win. In this short story, Stuart and his family are going to a school picnic. At the picnic there are games being played between families. Stuart and his brother George find out that one of the kids from another family has been cheating so that his family wins each event. Stuart’s family confronts the parents, but they think that Stuart and George are jealous because they have not been good enough to win. At the end of this story, it shows that it does not pay to cheat. Another good story in this movie is about how all children in one family are different so they do not get treated the same way by mom and dad, but they are all equally loved the same by their parents. The third one is about being little and shows that even if you are little, you don’t need to be afraid to try big things.

We would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys Stuart Little!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
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Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Director: Chuck Klein
Producer: Lucy Fisher, Jeff Franklin, Bob Minkoff, Douglas Wick
Genre: Children
Runtime: 67 min.
Reviewer: Amy Jensen