Treasure Blind

DVD Release: April 1, 2008
Treasure Blind


Struggling cabbie and amateur treasure hunter, Cliff Edwards (Brian Shoop-The Rookie, Infamous), stumbles onto an authentic Civil War era treasure map. He begins to think his life has finally made a turn for the better, when hurricane Katrina roils up his forgotten past. Unknown to Cliff, his estranged son, Jack, had a son of his own 10 years ago, and now Jack has gone missing since the storm. Since Cliff is the only known relative, the boy, Henry, becomes his charge. Henry is blind. Even though he has no room for a new problem, Cliff can’t help liking the kid, especially when he discovers a Braille riddle punched into his new-found treasure map – the secret to the real location of the gold. Then, Jack surfaces. He had used Katrina to hie from a New Orleans casino owner to whom he owes money. Collectors are onto him and he needs refuge. His pursuers, intrigued by the possibility of treasure, extend a closely monitored grace period promising an unhappy end for all if no treasure is found. The Edwards generations are forced together and mutual need temporarily glosses over unhealed wounds – but, not for long.

Dove Review

This story is about retrieving a treasure from the Civil War. Cliff Edwards is a taxi driver who has a map from the Civil War of buried treasure. This plot takes place around the time Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, and due to certain circumstances Cliff ends up with a blind grandson named Henry. Cliff’s son Jack disappears during the hurricane and winds up in Tulsa, Oklahoma looking for his son and for the buried treasure.

It turns out the buried treasure was already dug up back during the Civil War. Cliff has a bunch of old Civil War coins, which turn out to be worth a fortune. As the story progresses it shows what the power of prayer and believing in God can accomplish. This movie is gladly awarded our Dove Seal.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: The thugs shove a man's face in the carpet .
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Treasure Blind, LLC
Writer: Brian Shoop
Director: Brian Shoop
Producer: Brian Shoop
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 115 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Brian Shoop; Daniel Brookshire; Dr. Joseph Shoop
Reviewer: Judy Horan