X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Theatrical Release: May 1, 2009
X-Men Origins: Wolverine


Using several resources that include the Marvel Comics lore, along with the more recent Weapon X graphic novels by Frank Miller, “Wolverine” mixes action with an origin story about how Logan emerged from a barbaric experiment as an indestructible mutant with retractable razor-sharp claws.

Dove Review

Here we have the origins of Logan, also known as “Wolverine”. He starts out with claws but by film’s end they are metal claws and much more powerful. A lot happens on the way there. When it appears that someone he loves has been purposely murdered, he vows revenge. An old farmer he meets in the story tells him he always has a choice whether or not to shed blood. By story’s end he must decide if he will kill in revenge or let his opponent live.

Although the story deals with some good topics such as making right choices, and loyalty, it also is filled with violence and strong language. We therefore cannot recommend this movie as a family-friendly film and we are unable to award our Dove Seal to the movie.

Content Description

Sex: Passionate kissing; woman in a dress straddles man's lap but she simply tells him a story.
Language: GD-3; J-2; Ch*ist-1; G/OMG-1; A-4; H-8; S-6; D-7; SOB-1
Violence: Tons of violence including fist fights; people being shot and stabbed and killed; some blood; explosions; man shot in head; woman with bloody clothes and a bloody neck; a decapitation; helicopters and vehicles explode; constant violence.
Drugs: Several drinking scenes in film; an old farmer asks one character if he's on drugs; a character is seen with an unlit cigar; needles go into man's skin as part of a surgical procedure.
Nudity: Full rear male nudity which is non-sexual; side nudity of male as he is falling into water but it's not graphic.
Other: The topic of loyalty and betrayal; experiments are conducted on several characters including mutants; death is a topic in the film.


Company: 20th Century Fox
Writer: David Benioff and Skip Woods
Director: Gavin Hood
Producer: Ralph Winter
Genre: Action
Runtime: 107 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter