Sophia and the Seven Goddesses (Book)

Book Release: June 1, 2009
Sophia and the Seven Goddesses (Book)


This book was written to empower all women and girls by developing their insight, confidence, and leadership. Through use of Greek mythology, a new and healthy body image is created supporting a paradigm shift away from the “dependent princess” syndrome.

The girl in your life deserves this fun and exciting adventure. This book teaches respect for one’s self and for others, as well as self-love and self-acceptance. It also has an added bonus of Greek mythology and history. This is a beautiful book for any parent to read along with his or her child. Increase the bond you already have with your daughter/granddaughter or any young girl in your life. This is one purchase you will reap the rewards for a lifetime. Empowerment is the only answer for the future.

Our book contains 192 pages and has a parent workbook, guide, and glossary, with 10 full color illustrations.

Dove Review

This book focuses on a young girl named Sophia who is called Sophie, and it begins with the first day of summer vacation. Sophie is a girl who loves people and she is described as a girl who never met a dog or cat she didn’t like. Her parents are both professors and her grandparents too. Each chapter deals with a different event in Sophie’s life such as a sleepover with her friends in chapter one. Chapter two deals with some surprise relatives which makes Sophie’s day and chapter three deals with yet another surprise. Soon Sophie finds herself bound for Greece, a place she is excited to see. The book concentrates on self acceptance. It also deals with the arts and education, and history, as Sophie and her dad discuss the villains and heroes of history.

The book features a lot of Greek history and myth and Sophie becomes fascinated by the goddesses such as Athena. She learns the history and legends of Greek culture and myth. But all of it is done in a way which focuses on Sophie’s interest in the mythology and legends and her expanding knowledge. She learns what certain goddesses represented or the gifts they possessed or imparted. The plot also deals with Sophie’s reaction to various things, including noticing a boy who is interested in another girl. Another nice theme in the book is the topic of trust as Sophie learns to trust certain individuals by listening to things they say and getting to know them. Also, one of Sophie’s friends tells her that love is the most amazing power on earth, which is nice to read in a conversation between two girls.

The reader’s knowledge will grow in the history of the Greek goddesses and gods such as Artemis and Zeus and others. Sophie and her friends find themselves becoming acquainted with the Greek goddesses so there is the use of imagination in the book too. As long as parents guide their children who read this book to understand the myth of the Greek gods and goddesses, and their historical place, then proper instruction will have been given. In one part of the story a Greek goddess imparts gifts. The idea in the book of Sophie finding the various parts of a Greek goddess to put together seems to be symbolic of putting together all the little pieces of life to form an entire picture.

Some exercises are given in the back of the book including meditating on people you love or a pet and being relaxed. Also, an exercise is given to start a scrapbook so the exercises seem helpful and not anything to be concerned about. It is all about growing in self esteem. We recommend this book for all ages, while noting that it will be a bit difficult for very young readers due to the subject matter. We gladly award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: A boy notices a girl and another girl sees his interest.
Language: None
Violence: A few characters are momentarily angry.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The characteristics of the Greek gods and goddesses are given; they come to life to Sophie; Sophie learns self esteem; the stories of the Greek gods and goddesses seem to be used to teach Sophie to use virtues such as wisdom, courage, etc.


Company: AboutWisdom.Com
Genre: Parenting
Pages: 192
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter