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Christmas On Mistletoe Lake (2022)

When romantically adrift Reilly Shore arrives in the town of Mistletoe Lake for the annual Christmas Harbor Festival, little does she know that she’s about to meet someone who’s in the very same boat.

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Writer and Director Robin Dunne brings you a wonderful story with a great cast, high production value, and young talented Hattie Kragten who plays Emma, will steal your heart. The Christmas theme runs throughout with beautiful music and elaborate Christmas scenes. Watching a romance come to life when there was no such intention, is fun to witness as Reilly and Raymond find the love they both didn’t know existed. A feel-good movie that your entire family will enjoy!

Reilly Shore (Genelle Williams), an interior designer who is adventurous but romantically adrift, has picked her spot on the map for her annual spontaneous Christmas trip. When she arrives at Mistletoe Lake, a quaint hamlet, it’s Christmas Harbor Festival time and the town’s only B&B has absolutely NO vacancy!

After meeting twelve-year-old Emma (Hattie Kragten) and her dad, Raymond Mitchell (Corey Sevier), Emma insists Reilly stay on their boat. Reilly reluctantly agrees but loves the boat and the town atmosphere.

But the town is slowly losing its small-town feel and people are moving away. Raymond is feeling the pinch of less business and has made the heartbreaking decision to sell the family boat that holds so many memories. Emma is sad about the sale and she and Reilly convince Raymond to enter the festival for one last perfect Christmas on this beautiful lake.

As Reilly and Raymond spend time together, sparks fill the air, and a spontaneous kiss makes them both realize how much they care about each other. But time to help Emma decorate the boat for the festival!

Reilly’s sister and business partner, Tara (Kyana Teresa) insists that Reilly entertain the wealthy Lewis Edwards (Robin Dunne) because he is buying a boat and wants to fancy it up to meet his extravagant standards. Reilly sadly realizes it’s Raymond’s boat that Lewis wants to buy, and he wants Reilly to completely renovate it and flip it to the highest bidder. And when Emma gets accepted at a prestigious design academy, Raymond is more determined than ever to sell the boat despite the sadness that goes with that. And Lewis has more news . . . wealthy investors are ready to buy the entire harbor, rebuild it completely, and Reilly can be the one to design the entire project! It would set their company up for life, and Tara is all for it! But when Reilly discovers the one-sided plan, she wants no part in betraying the man she’s fallen in love with.

As the story unfolds, be prepared for several twists and unexpected events that can only happen at Christmastime!

The Dove Take:
When life gets complicated, often the only thing that keeps one afloat is a belief that love and kindness will prevail. Be honest with yourself in what you want out of life and be brave enough to search it out and make it happen.

Dove Rating Details


None displayed, but Christian Christmas theme throughout.


Raymond is a nurturing and caring father to Emma; Reilly is supportive and helps to make Emma’s dream come true; Reilly displays high morals, principles, and integrity in refusing to be a part of exploiting a family who is in financial trouble; Lewis displays the highest ethics and saves the small cottage-country town from exploitation


Gentle kisses and hugs






Community bar scene with karaoke; alcohol at the Christmas Festival party; no abuse of alcohol or unruly behavior





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