Going the Distance

Theatrical Release: September 3, 2010
Going the Distance


Drew Barrymore and Justin Long star in this romantic comedy about a long-distance romance that may be worth fighting for. Garrett (Long) is still nursing the wounds from a recent breakup when he meets Erin (Barrymore), an unflinchingly honest girl with a big talent for bar trivia. Hitting it off immediately, the pair spends a romantic summer together in New York City. It was supposed to be a summer fling, but as fall approaches and Erin returns to San Francisco, the spark is still there.

Dove Review

Unfortunately for those searching for a good family movie for the weekend, this one isn’t it and in fact it definitely earns its R rating. There is brief rear male nudity, very strong language, sexual situations and frank sexual comments and, well, you get the idea.

The plot revolves around Barrymore and Long (as Erin and Garrett) meeting in a New York bar. There is nothing unusual in their introductions to each other, they just hit it off. On a good note, the story remains grounded in reality as they continue to simply get to know each other, without dealing with any misunderstandings or outrageous situations. The problem for these two becomes a long distance relationship. She finishes an internship in New York and then returns to the Bay area. They got along so well and the distance and longing seems to indicate something powerful between the two. The economy and recession also play a role in this movie and again, it is nice to see some realism although there are moments of comic relief.

Still, this is not a family-friendly film and cannot receive our Dove Seal. Check out “The Genesis Code” if it is playing at your local theater. It is an intelligent and family-friendly film.

Content Description

Sex: Frank and graphic sexual comments; passionate kissing, a couple is seen briefly going through the motions of love making; sex outside of marriage.
Language: A ton of language including 61 F words, 8 utterances of J/JC and 4 GD comments.
Violence: A character is hit in face by open door (played for humor); a character becomes angry at all the texts received and hits a phone like a golf ball.
Drugs: A lot of drinking scenes; a "get wasted" comment; a bong is used and a character blows smoke rings; a narcotics comment.
Nudity: Brief rear male nudity while character has sex; shirtless man; cleavage.
Other: Man sits on toilet and "it smells" comment is made; a public hair is found on table; gross humor.


Company: Warner Brothers
Producer: Jennifer Gibgot
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: R
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Charlie Day, Christina Applegate
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter