Summer Eleven

DVD Release: April 26, 2011
Summer Eleven


“Summer Eleven” is a heartwarming story of summer beginning and eleven year old Vanessa wondering if she and her friends will be able to maintain their bond past elementary school. It becomes clear that even though the usual childhood pleasures of summer are there, ice cream trucks, backyard camping, impromptu yard soccer with boys (gasp!), there is also the specter of terrible adult difficulties in their respective families. With grace, tears, laughter and some shock, (remember when you learned the facts of life?) our four young heroines make their way through summer to the much dreaded, but inevitable, middle school.

Dove Review

Age eleven and middle school is always a change for any young girl! Here is a story about four friends that spend the summer together before they enter middle school. Each girl has a personal story to tell, each has their own inner feelings to deal with and each have different family conflicts but through it all their friendship brings help for each of them. Along the way the group also helps some of the people around them.

Here is a charming story about coming of age, friendships and helping others. This movie does contain some issues that families deal with in this day and age. We award this film the Dove “Family-Approved” 12+ Seal for ages 12 and older.

Content Description

Sex: Woman has a live-in boyfriend but he moves out.
Language: OMG/OG/-8;
Violence: Sounds of war; young man wounded in Iraq; man yells at young girl and throws TV remote and smashes it.
Drugs: Young man drinks beer.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Parents separate, homeless family living in car; effects of being wounded in war.


Company: Image Entertainment
Writer: Joseph Kell
Director: Joseph Kell
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 95 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe