The Art of it All (Book)



Here is a collection of spiritual vignettes from author and musician Kenneth R. Wood ll. “Kenny” reflects on several topics such as the need to smile and wave at people, the importance of family, being industrious and not neglectful, as well as many other timely topics. His wonderful songs on CD in addition to fabulous illustrations from Donna Deel make this one manuscript which many readers will enjoy upon publication.

Dove Review

This is a manuscript for a book and contains some twelve chapters, “letters from Heaven” if you will, as the author, Kenneth R. Wood ll, “Kenny”, writes in a vignette style. Each chapter covers topics such as neglect, honoring God, smiling and waving at others, vulnerability, and other such themes. Kenny turns to the Bible for inspiration and quotes various scriptures such as a passage from Proverbs about being slothful or lazy. In addition, this manuscript is wonderfully illustrated by Donna Deel, who includes illustrations of Kenny, various men’s heads on the bodies of fowls, a motorcycle, Kenny pointing a gun at the lawn mower (which was on the blink!) and several others including flowers and portraits of various people.

Also in this book, which Kenny calls an “acoustic book”, there are three CDs of his music and the printed words of his songs including, “Things a father might say”, “I saw me”, “Gonna be all right”; “Powered by a smile” and so many more. Kenny is a talented guitar player and singer as well as song writer. Kenny writes about topics which people can relate to, including his fondness for and memories of his grandmother and also his Uncle Mike. One of his songs is titled “Going to church with Dad”.

Kenny honors Christ and the Bible in his writings and mentions the fabulous Tennessee Christian Teen Convention which is a life changing event. His humor is often evident when he writes about Satan being a joy and fun sucker. The chapter re-caps Kenny uses is a helpful tool as he recaptures the highlights of each chapter. This book is a wholesome trek through various parts of Kenny’s life and his insights and scriptural revelations. Although not designed for very young children, most anyone from a child on up can be blessed by a written thought or illustration or song from this book. We commend Kenny who, in the beginning admitted neglecting parts of his life including a very tall lawn, and how he committed to writing and making music for the Lord. He did an excellent job. This book is gladly awarded our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages and is awarded five Doves, our highest ratings level.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: A "How stupid!" remark.
Violence: A man on a motorcycle has a couple of spills but is all right; an illustration shows a man pointing a gun at a lawn mower.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Church is mentioned and prayer and the Bible and Christ; the struggles people sometimes have.


Company: KidzBoox Come to Life
Genre: Religion
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter