A Voice for Life

DVD Release: June 1, 2011
A Voice for Life


In 1977, Melissa Ohden survived a saline induced abortion procedure and miraculously suffered no physical or mental damage. She returned to the hospital where the abortion attempt was made in 2008 and gave birth to her daughter, Olivia. Melissa is now a wife and mother who shares her story around the world and is having a positive impact on the lives of those who have been touched by abortion. She presents a message of hope, healing and forgiveness. Pro-Life advocates featured in this film are John C. Willke M.D., Frank Pavone, Fr. Jonathan Morris, Dr. Theresa Burke, Dr. Alveda C. King and Michael Clancy.

Dove Review

This is a DVD which you cannot watch without feeling some kind of emotion, be it sympathy for what the narrator, Melissa Ohden, went through, or anger, or even regret. Melissa is one of the rarest human beings around. She survived an abortion. This is a powerful DVD which features Melissa’s own story in her own words, and a host of other contributors to her story including her adoptive mother and medical experts such as John C. Wilke, M.D., Dr. Theresa Burke and religious leaders such as Fr. Frank Pavone.

There is a scene which reveals the photo of an unborn child as surgery is performed and the baby grabs the surgeon’s hand with his little fingers. It is a touching scene and at the same time the photo shows some blood as the surgeon opened the mother’s womb to operate. It is brief but the viewer should be aware it is there. This is an appropriate DVD for ages twelve plus and some parents may feel their mature children a few years younger might receive an important lesson on the value of life by watching the DVD.

Women share their emotions from post-abortions and reflect guilt but the value of a life lesson learned. The viewer of this DVD will marvel at God’s grace as Melissa Ohden reflects forgiveness and her belief that God spared her for a purpose. That purpose seems miraculous and unmistakable. She is an embodiment of the precious gift of life. The fact she has no mental or physical defects is a miracle in addition to her survival. We highly recommend this inspirational and remarkable DVD and gladly award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal in addition to five Doves, our highest level.

Content Description

Sex: Sexual dysfunction is briefly mentioned; unwed mothers who became pregnant are discussed or share comments.
Language: None
Violence: A striking photo is briefly shown of a baby's hand grasping a surgeon's finger as the surgeon is operating on the baby in the womb and some blood is seen; Melissa's story in her own wounds of the solution used on her to abort her and how that she survived it.
Drugs: The drugs used to perform abortions are mentioned.
Nudity: None
Other: A minister states that in New York City the most dangerous place to be is in the mother's womb; a few women share that with the clinics they went to, "it was all about the money"; faith in God is a common theme in the documentary and that children are a part of God's plan; adoption is encouraged for those contemplating abortion; a story is shared about a father who wanted his daughter to abort her baby and then fell in love with his granddaughter after she was born.


Company: All Pro HD
Writer: Steve Feazel
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 58 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Host: Melissa Ohden
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter