The Littlest Angel

DVD Release: November 15, 2011
The Littlest Angel


Based on the fifteenth best-selling children’s book of all time, The Littlest Angel tells the story of a young boy who arrives in heaven before his time. Home-sick and lonely, he will travel back to earth, with his friendly pup Halo, to retrieve a most selfless and precious gift for the Baby Jesus. Experience the love, laughter and magic of one of the most popular children’s stories of all time. From the classic book by Charles Tazewell comes the CGI animated film, The Littlest Angel.

Dove Review

This is a sweet story featuring “Littlest” … a young angel who is new to the heavenly realm. He has a tough time following heaven’s rules and listening to Alvin the instructor in his angel classroom. The rest of his classmates appear to have no problem singing on key, earning their wings and learning to do “angel stuff”. Littlest still yearns for his earthly life and wishes to return if only for a little while to retrieve a small box filled with treasures that were important to him before his arrival in heaven. We meet Logan who has a soft spot for Littlest as well as a slew of talking animals…including “Halo” a heavenly version of man’s best friend.

Lessons are learned through Littlest’s eyes as they head to earth and meet a few unsavory characters along the way. Families will enjoy the delightful tunes sprinkled throughout the film and will cheer on heaven’s smallest member as he experiences unconditional love and strong friendships amid heavenly preparation for the first Christmas.

We are happy to approve this touching story for all ages!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Animated tussles and chase scenes among characters.
Sex: None
Language: Stupid-1;
Violence: Animated tussles and chase scenes among characters.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Brief portrayals of tight clothing on female character.
Other: None


Company: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Writer: Sean Catherine Derek, Sean Roche and Dave Kim
Director: Dave Kim
Producer: Dave Kim, co-producer Rex Piano and co-executive producer Linda Cheever, executive producers Lance Thompson, Seth Willenson, Kevin Kasha, Kyung Joon Hwang, Mike Illich Jr. and Julie B. May
Genre: Action
Runtime: 83 min.
Starring: Animated; Ron Pearlman (as the voice of God)
Reviewer: Nancy Bouwens