Puss in Boots 3D

Theatrical Release: October 28, 2011
DVD Release: February 24, 2012
Puss in Boots 3D


Puss in Boots – One of the most beloved characters of the Shrek Universe – tells the hilarious and courageous (daring, bold, brave) tale of Puss’ (Antonio Banderas) early adventures as he teams with mastermind Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and the street-savvy Kitty (Salma Hayek) to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs.

Dove Review

What a delightful movie, I loved it! It is original, yet contains the pussy cat from the “Shrek” films, Puss in Boots himself (voiced by Antonio Banderas). The 3D in the movie is one of the best examples I have seen of the technique. Puss in Boot’s sword seemed to be pointed right at me on a few occasions and the scenes of blades of grass and other land settings were an awesome experience in 3D. The characters are delightful and the action is plentiful. In addition, Puss in Boots finds romance in the form of a character named Kitty Sotfpaws (voiced by Salma Hayek).

One of the things I love about the film, and indeed loved about the “Shrek” films, is the original way the movies make use of fairytales and myths. They bring them to life in a contemporary and unforgettable way. In this picture we get to know Humpty Dumpty and the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in fresh and new ways. And we learn the origins of Puss. As he states in the trailer, “You may know my name, but you do not know the legend.” We learn how the legend began in this film.

Puss is framed for a bank robbery he did not commit, due to Humpty Dumpty’s scheme. At various times in the movie it is not clear whether Humpty is a bad egg, a rotten egg, or actually a good egg on the inside. Puss is determined to prove his innocence and make his mother, the woman who raised him, proud. Another one of the enjoyable aspects of this film is the way Puss is accurately portrayed as a cat, including his purring when petted, his enjoyment of lapping up a saucer of milk, and the various sounds he makes. Cat aficionados will appreciate it.

For a hair-raising good time this is the movie to see. This is one the entire family can laugh at together. We strongly recommend the movie and are happy to award it five Doves, and five is as high as we go.

Content Description

Sex: A male cat obviously had a romantic time with a female cat in the beginning of the film; a male and female cat fall for each other.
Language: Holy Beans (Spanish word used for beans)-1
Violence: Sword fights; fantasy violence; a few characters have their pants cut by a sword and dropped and we see their boxer-like underwear; chase scenes; a few punches thrown; a character on an air craft flies into a tree; a character is scratched and a small amount of blood is seen; a pig bites a character on his boot; a character is knocked out; a sword is held to character's throat; a character egg falls and breaks.
Drugs: A few saloon scenes and a whiskey bottle are seen; various characters drink wine, champagne; other indistinguishable drinks.
Nudity: Men seen in underwear; a character's chest and back are seen; a shirtless Puss in Boots.
Other: Tattoos seen on character's chest and back and arm; a character steals and is warned about it; magic beans are stolen; a few characters seek revenge but learn it doesn't work.


Company: Paramount
Writer: Charles Perrault & Brian Lynch
Director: Chris Miller
Producer: Joe M. Aguilar
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter