Different Drummers

Theatrical Release: October 20, 2013
DVD Release: September 22, 2015
Different Drummers


Based on an inspiring true story, Different Drummers follows the heartwarming yet unlikely friendship of two boys growing up in Washington in the 1960s. When David, who is bound to a wheelchair and growing weaker from muscular dystrophy, accurately foretells the death of his fourth grade teacher, a doubtful Lyle, who has an increasingly high energy level, decides to test the existence of God by attempting to get David to run again.

A pact is made, and Lyle soon begins to twist the rules in a desperate attempt to give his friend some of his own excess energy. Along the way, the two boys come face to face with life’s most painful truths, and Lyle’s question is ultimately answered in a way he never could have imagined.

Dove Review

Take a step back in time and let yourself sink into a sweet, genuine story of a family’s lessons about diversity. David, the boy with MD and the super-energized Lyle. Don’t expect special effects or frenetic pacing, but do expect a lovable and uplifting story.

Both boys have admirable, giant personalities, and it’s a great watch with kids. There are no iPhones and the bus driver has to carry the physically challenged boy on and off the bus. But the life challenges in the story are current, and the characters are delightful. In one sweet, pivotal conversation about his unusual energy level, Lyle tells his mom, “I want to give my extra to David!” It’s heart lifting, but it’s also heart breaking and true.

We give Different Drummers our Dove Approved for All Ages seal and encourage a loving conversation about generous and deep friendship.

Content Description

Sex: A boy uses a few tubes under his clothes to appear he has breasts like his teacher but he suffers the consequences for his behavior.
Language: Several "Holy Smoke" comments; a few "Dang it" comments; a boy refers to his dad as his "Old Man"; Geez-1; Stupid Punk-1.
Violence: A boy hits logs against other logs in frustration; boys hit a few boys with a b-b gun; two boys cut their fingers to be blood brothers in school, with a knife and some blood is seen; kid is hit with a thrown object.
Drugs: A custodian lights up a pipe outside the school and smokes it; a boy is given pills for his hyper state in school but he does not do well and his mother takes him off the prescription.
Nudity: Kids in swimwear at pool; shirtless boys.
Other: Death and grief; a comment about a grasshopper pooping; following an accident involving a wheel chair a boy has a bloody cheek and arm; tension between a couple.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Producer: Marc Dahlstrom
Genre: Family
Runtime: 107 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Dove Team